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Hinatuan River, the Enchanted River

Hinatuan River of Hinatuan Surigao del Sur is also called the Enchanted River. It is somewhat like a mystery to many people hearing only the name of the place. Why is it called Enchanted River? Many people ask this same question yet you would hear answers either believable or unbelievable, tales and stories that science can’t explain. There are many wonders in these world that only the Creator has the answer for.The Enchanted River is one of the many wonders that remains a mystery to everybody. The place would give you the essence of fantasy due to its captivating view and majestic crystal clear water that is discreetly seducing you to jump or dive in.



You will be enraptured by nature as schools of fish of different kinds will be swimming along with you. Please take note that fishing is prohibited in this river. According to the local residence of the Hinatuan the fishes are uncatchable and so the tale about the “Incanto and Diwata” literally means Fairies/God of nature and etc. started. They said that the Gods are protecting this river specially the living creatures in it. It is also believed that when you try to catch or harm a fish you will get body pains or sickness in return. Don’t be sadden if fishing is your passion since there is a fish cage that lies in the sea of Portlamon not too far from the Enchanted River. You can rent a pump boat or a “Bangka” boat that goes to the said fish cage. Enchanted River is also a great spot for scuba diving due to its remarkable beauty underneath which would likely give you the experience of entering another dimension/world.


One of the enchant mysteries that compromised Enchanted River is its Underwater cave and Depth. The river has a cave that lies just at the corner of the mountain surrounding the water and no one knows what is inside or what lies beyond the cave. Researchers and the local residence attempted to go inside it but they failed since the current is too strong for them to handle. Also the depth of the river is still undiscoverable. Until today no one has successful reached the bottom of it. They said that it is limitless or bottomless and again foreigners and researchers tried to measure the depth of the river yet as they go deeper and deeper there is never a sign of the river bed. More than its gorgeous view you’d be amused as well when the clock strikes 12:00 noon and 3:00 in the afternoon as it is feeding time for the fishes. A music is then played and schools of fishes gather around waiting for their food. There is also a pool like area for kids just at the side of the river. There’s also no need to worry when it comes to food since there are stalls that sell fresh sea food ready to cook at a very affordable price. There are also cottages and tables inside which is available for rent. They have a very strict management when it comes to garbage segregation to keep the area clean and to maintain the beauty of the Enchanted River.


Pictures speak a thousand words and as you can see the water is so clear. Please note that none of these pictures where edited.

Picture of the swimming area for small kids.


The path way going down the Enchanted River


The surrounding area



/// Written by Kailyn Kesha Requiza, The Philippines