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Ijen Crater is dangerously beautiful!

Ijen volcano is located in Banyuwangi regency, East Java. It has a large caldera which is a one-kilometer-wide with turqoise color. The altitude of the volcano itself is 2799m. The caldera/lake is known as the largest acidic crater lake in the world.


So what to see there? not only the beautiful view of the crater lake while we are on the top of the mountain but also the blue flames or also known as blue fire that come from the cracks.

How to get there? Access can be from Banyuwangi city or Bondowoso. From Banyuwangi, you can rent a car or take motor taxi (we call it Ojek) to Paltidung village. Trekking is started from Paltidung. The thing is to see the blue fire, we have to see it at night.


So, people usually start trekking at 1:30 – 2 am in the morning. Going up takes around 2 to 3 hours, depends on your fitness. But don’t worry, you will not be alone as many people going up too especially on weekends. After reaching Paltidung, you can just relax while waiting for the trekking time.
To see the blue fire needs an effort too. Going down to the caldera is not suggested as not only the sulphur fumes can be blown to your direction but also you must traverse rocky terrain as far as around 250meters with steep conditions. But some people including me, go down to see the blue fire closer. Be careful …and bring torch or headlamp is even better. Use mask or syal to cover your mouth and nose from the smell of the sulphur. You may witness also the sulphur miners who are back and forth taking and carrying the sulphurs….they can carry up to 90kg! What a strong men!


You will be blown away with the beautiful scenery of the crater and the surrounding from the top of the mountain. It’s just amazing….and yes, it’s freezing so please wear jacket or windproof jacket. Walk around on the top of the mountain and enjoy the view and witness the sunrise. Don’t forget to bring water and perhaps chocolate too or energy bar as no food vendor on the top of the mountain. However, going down as it’s already morning, local shop already open and you may drop by there for a cup of hot tea or coffee. Be extra careful when going down due to sandy soil structure.

Ijen crater is dangerously beautiful!!

/// Written by Dewi Lina, Indonesia