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In and around Baguio City

Versatile Baguio City

Living in the city, in my case, Baguio City, no matter how exciting it can get, can really become exhausting in just one snap too.

Those tall buildings, the hustles, and bustles coming from streets, the noise, sometimes you just want to take a rest from it. Being a college student, whose life mainly revolves in school, being away is what I occasionally crave for.

Luckily, my university is founded on the mountain ranges of Cordillera wherein the culture is intricately diverse from one province to another. Baguio, Benguet being a busy city now, has a mixed culture already of lowlanders and highlanders. Given that their tourism business is growing day by day, the population increases with it too. Tons of people are putting up businesses and although the city is still considered as one great tourist spot in the country, congestion is becoming one of its problems.

La Trinidad next to Baguio City

La Trinidad, Benguet, on the other hand, sits next to Baguio City and there’s where I found one of my most favorite places–Mt. Kaluggong. Although commercial areas are found in La Trinidad too, I find it more simple and peaceful there. It’s like seeing again my hometown after being away for College.

If you’re wondering where the name came from, “Kaluggong” is an Ilocano word for “Hat” or “cap”. They named it after that because that small mountain seems to have a hat on it because of the amazing rock formations found on top. The texture of the rocks there feels like hardened corals too.

Houses with really warm people can be seen as you go up too and hiking is much easier because the residents there put up concrete to serve as a passageway (Filipinos are really known for smiling always). Mt. Kaluggong already has an Eco park, and let me tell you how amazing seeing that was.

It’s as if Mother Nature welcomed me upon entering it because I heard birds chirping, leaves dancing with the wind, twigs swaying with each other, cool touch of the breeze, the warm sunlight—I was literally in awe. There were swings made up of rubber wheels, and wooden planks. Simple Houses too were found if you want to stay overnight. A bonfire place is set up together with other tables and benches made out from trees.

The mountain is connected to two more mountains (Mt. Tayawan and Mt. Yangbo/Mt. Jumbo) which is a real plus for hikers, for you could check three mountains off your bucket list in just one day. All three have view decks overlooking the La Trinidad.

The combination of Baguio city plus La Trinidad looks like a galaxy twinkling with different colors of light as the sun starts to set, such an amazing view indeed. But here’s one scenic view from Mt. Kaluggong in the middle of the day.

All in all, every little thing I saw at Mt. Kaluggong was breathtaking. From the seashell we found on top up to the pine cones I took home with me were astonishing. The place is perfect for contemplation and just plain relaxing too.

You see, Mother Nature’s Mountains hold so many wonders that we sometimes take for granted. Traveling from one mountain to another mountain brought out peace and happiness back in my life.

Trust me when I say that if you are looking for a refresher, visit the Northern part of the Philippines, you must go to a trip at Mt. Kaluggong, it’s really worth it.