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Monfort Bat Cave in The Philippines

The Island Garden City of Samal also known as Igacos or simply “Samal” is one of the most visited and the must go tourist destination in the Philippines. More than its wonderful and extraordinary Beach Resorts, falls, and Island Hoping Adventure, Samal is also best known for its Exotic Cave Wonders. The said Island has exactly seventy (70) caves in its heart and one of it is the “Monfort Bat Sanctuary” which is named after Norma Monfort – the owner of the property. The cave is a home of approximately 1.8 million of Fruit Bats which holds the title as the largest Colony of “Rousetteus Amplexicaudatus” or Fruit Bats in the Guinness Book of Records. The colony of Bats all live together in one huge underground cave with five openings and is gradually increasing its population.


The Monfort Bat Sanctuary is located in Barangay Tambo, Babak District, Island Garden City of Samal. There are many ways to transport from Davao City proper to Samal Island, Either by “RORO” short for Roll – on/ Roll – off ship if you own a vehicle or by ferry bus which will direct you to a ferry boat to transport you to the Island. Upon reaching the Island, you can hire a Habal – Habal ( as what Filipinos call to a public transporting Motorcycle ) that would take you to the Bat Sanctuary.

The Bat Sanctuary is also an Eco – Park inside and is preserved by the owner herself with the help of some environmentalists which also volunteer as a Tour Guide. Smoking, Eating, Drinking, and most of all loud noises are prohibited inside for conservation purposes and so as not to disrupt the sleeping Fruit Bats. There are railings around every openings since Guests/Visitors are not allowed to enter the cave but the sight seeing is worth the adventure to experience a creepy yet awesome way to watch thousands of Fruit Bats hanging up side down.


They also have an exhibit area mainly for public awareness where in you can find Information and educational materials about the importance of these Fruit Bats. Yes, Indeed, Samal Island is a whole package of adventure that nature has to offer and if you are one of those enthusiastic adventurous hearts that’s always looking for unique adventures, Bat caving is the best thrill for you. But you should always keep cautions and should always keep in mind that “ take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints and kill nothing but time.”

The Exhibit Area



The Guinness Book of Record Certificate


/// Written by Kailyn Kesha Requiza, The Philippines