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Parangloe Waterfalls, South Sulawesi

Are you going to Makassar? Or got plans to go there? Don’t be stuck in the crowded beaches only in the town, there is another hidden gem that you can visit if you are a person that is into the nature just like me.

This time, we planned to go to Parangloe Waterfalls. For those who never heard about it, well this is also my first time to visit this place. There are 5 of us, 2 of them are the locals which had never been there too, the other 3 is me and my friends. With the rental car, we tried to search the location with our gps. Actually, the area wasn’t that far from Makassar city and easy to find. It took around 1 hour to arrive at the place. The only confusing thing was about the entry gate, but finally after we asked the locals, they showed us which one is the right entry gate.


Parangloe waterfalls in dry season

We parked the car in front of the foresty crew’s house. And his sons initiated to guide us to the waterfalls. I think it’s important to get the guide and pay a bit more for the guide cost rather than spending some longer time around the forest to find the waterfalls. After walking for about 30 minutes, we arrived in the flat area. A huge information board caught our eyes. “Be careful with the flood.” The flood can not be predictable especially in rainy season. Although the best view for the waterfalls is of course in rainy season, when the water fill the area and makes a strong wave for the waterfalls itself. I saw a gravestone for someone who probably missed out the signboard last year because of the flood, it said : “In memoriam Andi Nurjihad, you already gone but you haven’t dissapeared.”


Crossing the forest to reach the waterfalls


The sun shined so bright


Old and dry mushroom I found along the way


Huge warning board about flooding


RIP Andi Nurjihad

OK, it sounded so spooky for me.

Later on, the path for going down was a bit slippery and narrow. We should really be careful to step on the land and balance ourselves for not going down to the cliff. What I recognized while walking, there were so many ants, not only the small ones, but also the big-red-ones. I need to walk jig jag and sometimes make a small jump just to avoid to step on them.


Narrow path to go down the waterfalls

Because we went there in the dry season, the waves of the water are not so strong as we guessed, but the view of the waterfalls was so cool! Now I understand why local people called the Parangloe the “Makassar Small Grand Canyon.”


Parangloe Waterfalls

The hot weather made some of us immediately play with the water while the rest enjoyed the view and captured the moment. To complete our curiosity, me and the other 2 friends tried to go up to the waterfalls. We believe the view was more breathtaking even it was scarier, especially, there’s no fixed way to go up. We need to hold the branches we found tightly and open our sandals rather than slip and fall to the ground.


Play with the water


View from the up


Another waterfalls on the second level

Just be sure you are not spending too much time in the waterfalls not only because the area is still untouched and wild, but also you need to watch out for the flood. But apart of that, these waterfalls are definitely worth to pay a visit for all of you who want to seek something more rarely in the city of Makassar.


Beautiful Parangloe Waterfalls


/// Written by Dea Sihotang, Indonesia