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Penang Hill, the place to be when you are visiting Penang

Penang Hill is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Penang. The highest point of the hill range is at Western Hill, with an altitude of 833m (2,723ft) above sea level.

However, what makes Penang Hill so attractive?

The funicular train which is served by the fourth generation, flora and fauna in Penang Hill, current and future development projects on Penang Hill – Penang Hill Corporation which is the KBB Bungalow will be converted into an affordable mid-range café and Hillside Bungalow will also be available for public rental for overnight accommodation in the near future.
There is one David Brown restaurant inside Penang Hill, there are some tourists are coming there to organise their wedding dinner.

Different lifestyle that we can enjoy at the Penang Hill.

Healthy Lifestyle

In the morning, it is the best time for hiking. Health is wealth. You can enjoy the view of the Penang Hill at the same time while you hiking.

Family Lifestyle

Go up to the Penang Hill by the funicular train. You can enjoy the view and take some photos of the overview in Penang including the important cities and both of the Penang Bridges. Family can have a nice breakfast uphill. There are many local foods and you can hunt for the local foods at the same time.

Couple lifestyle

There is a special space for couple. You can buy a lock from the person in charge, write both of your lover’s name on the lock and lock it to the gate and it means that you both are never been separated or stay together forever. Besides, it is a nice place for couple to build up the strong relationship because it is really a very relaxing place.

Night view at Penang Hill

Company team outing 
Inside the Penang Hill, there is a Penang Hill Habitat. Tour guides are always to ready to explain to you about the habitat, flora and fauna inside the Penang Hill Habitat. At last, inside the Penang Hill Habitat you can organise some buffet lunch and there are some souvenir for you to buy. Of course, there is an entrance fee to enter the Penang Hill Habitat.

Relaxation and vacation

Penang Hill is a good place to relax yourself and enjoyed the nice wind uphill there. It is the best place for you and your friends to come over here and have a nice chit-chat with the beer, form networking together, and also build up a strong relationship.

Team outing or School outing

There are some interesting activities in the Penang Hill such as some animal shows, snake photo booth especially during some festival days. Thus, it is very suitable to organise some school events over there.

Penang Hill are always crowded with people especially during the weekends.
Weekdays are less people and if you go on weekdays’ night, it will be really great for you to find some inspiration or to relax your mind.

Indeed, there are many activities you can do at Penang Hill.
Last but not least, there are some families are living in the middle hill and uphill of the Penang Hill. Penang Hill is like their home. However, some researches show that they don’t like to be disturbed.

Recently, my friends from Thailand and Vietnam are just came to Malaysia this month. They are so excited to visit the Penang Hill but unlucky that day was raining and I promise to bring them to come to Penang Hill again when they visit Malaysia next time and soon.