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Sudirman Street: The Hippest Food Scene in Bandung

The most famous hangout in Bandung

As general, Bandung is widely recognized for its nature with beautiful forests and staggering mountains. However, not many people know that slowly but sure, Bandung is taking a huge progress on becoming one of the top culinary destinations in Indonesia that is worth to pay a visit.

For instance, in the heart of Bandung city lies an infamous place that is known by the locals as the home of delicious mouth-watering foods. Introducing you Sudirman Street. A light-studded, eco-friendly hangout spot where you can try various street foods directly from the food stalls made by recycled giant cargo containers.

Aesthetically, the decoration of Sudirman Street is very youth like, dominated with colorful paints and lively interesting murals, drawn by the creative local artists. Opened since 2015, it has attracted many visitors to visit this place, due to the majority of food stalls in here have existed since way before it was built, and yet they already gained a lot of loyal customers within generations.

Why pork-lovers must visit Bandung

When it comes to the food scenes, pork is the main star of the food. Specialized in serving pork meals cooked with many kinds of styles ranging from western until Indonesian, it is indeed that Sudirman Street is a heaven for pork-lovers! Here are some delicious dishes that you need to try.

Wibisana’s pork satay


Referred as the most iconic food stall in Sudirman Street, Wibisana’s pork satays is never disappointing. Consisted of huge chunks of pork meats and grilled with a special sweet soy sauce mix, the pork satays are very juicy and melts inside your mouth once you have eaten it. Not to mention that the pork fat was strategically placed as the last bite that will make you want to eat this luscious dish even more. Price: 7.5 k per skewer

Nasi Se’i Kupang 55


Located just a few meters away from Sudirman Street back entrance, Nasi S’ei 55 is a traditional Indonesian dish from Kupang, which serves delicious pork roasts. It is tender, juicy, and full of spices with lots of condiments. Eat it along with rice and rich pork-stock soup, thus this meal is perfect to warm you up during rainy days. Price per portion: 35 – 40 k

Bola Ubi Goreng


Bola ubi goreng (deep-fried sweet potato ball) is a sweet snack that can be found anywhere in Sudirman Street. Originally from Bandung, this snack is always an everyone’s favorite. You will not have the same taste if you eat this at outside, since Bandung’s locally grown sweet potatoes give the sweetest taste. The texture is crunchy as you take the first bite, and soon it will become chewy.

So if you happen to be around this place during one of your travel adventures make sure to take a bite here. Your will be amazed!