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True happiness at Koh Samet

True happiness is a little known tourist destination by the name Koh Samet.
Three and a half hours east of Bangkok from the Ekamai bus station is where you will find this gem. It is a part of Koh Samet – Khao Lamya national park located at the Ban Pe district. There are many piers for the ferry and that will take 30 minutes to the island. The easiest way is to take the Nuan thip pier that is just opposite to the bus station. The ferry ticket costs 70 one way and 120 baht for return which is cheaper.


When the ferry arrives at the island, there is the fee to get in the island: 40 baht for Thais and 200 baht for the foreigners due to it is a part of the national park. After passed the door that collected the fee, there are many local taxis waiting to take the tourists to their destination. Another way to explore the island is renting the motorbike but the road around the island is the dirt road. They are rough and that will be even worse when it rains.



The destination for today is Ao Phai which is the deep blue green oceans, shimmering white beaches and beach parties that you never forget. It is the small bay right next to the famous beach, Had Sai Keaw, which is good for waters sport and night life. There are many bungalows and resorts around here that are not so busy weekday but can be crowd on the weekend. The bungalows can cost from 500 baht to 3,500 baht. It depends on the types of accommodation and the arrival day.

The first impression of this bay is the quietness and privacy. It is only three minutes walk to the famous beach but here is really quiet even on the weekend. The famous activities here must be swimming and sun bathing. For the fans of water sports, take a few minutes walk to Sai Keaw. There are many popular water sports such as parachute, jet ski, or banana boat.


The famous activity at night here is having dinner by the beach. There are some restaurants setting the table on the beach. Not only they provide the nice meal but also the fire show. They will swing the fire club by the rhythm of the music that the restaurant opens which make the audiences feel excited with their show. That would fulfill the escape night here.

There are much more activities to discover around this island such as snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, go the waterfall, or some island very close. In the evening still can ride the motorbike to the highest part of the mountain to experience the best sunset time of the small island that is called Koh Samet.

/// Written by Thanatchporn Piasai, Thailand