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What to Consider When Choosing a Bali Yoga Retreat

If you’re looking into new ways to elevate your yoga practice, you’re likely going to have heard of yoga retreats. After all, the idea in itself is interesting. It means doing yoga in a completely new place, where you can retreat and relax. This sounds like the perfect idea if you need that well-deserved break. Until you realize, of course, that there are also a ton of yoga retreats out there; in Bali alone, several yoga retreat options are available. You’ll find one in Ubud, Kabupaten Badung, Kabupaten Badung, Kota Denpasar, and even in Canggu. Just how are you going to choose the one for you? Below are what to consider when choosing a Bali yoga retreat for the best benefits.

It may help to get to know more about yoga’s benefits as a whole before deciding on how to choose a yoga retreat that fits you. A lot of people have gotten into yoga knowing that it’s both physical exercise and meditation. Not only can this combination save you time, but this practice does provide opportunities to reflect and relax while working out. This aspect of yoga is actually rooted to the fact that the practice is designed to be a way to “connect” both the physical and spiritual aspects of one’s body and is deeply rooted on enlightenment. Modern-day researchers, however, have found out that yoga therapy and doing yoga exercises in general can improve overall health by helping ease pain, building on the body’s physical strength, and relieving stress through relaxation.

Yoga Retreats: Considerations to Make When Choosing One

Getting into a yoga retreat can be quite an exhilarating experience, but sometimes it can be stressful and overwhelming when deciding which yoga retreat is best for you. It doesn’t have to be so, especially if you’re aware what you’re looking for. Check out this awesome yoga retreat the next time you are in Bali, as they may have just everything you need.

Below are the considerations you have to take before choosing the best yoga retreat you can attend:

  • Clear the logistics away first before anything else: It’s extremely important to remember that when it comes to choosing a yoga retreat, consider your logistics first. Yoga retreats come in different price ranges. Have a set budget for your retreat, inclusive of your airfare and other modes of transportation if needed. If possible, come up with a set amount so you can narrow down your options. Consider not just the date, but the location and the venue of the retreat as well. Are you alright with doing the retreat in a hotel or a beach, or are you more of a wilderness person? What sort of relaxing view do you want to have? For example, if you’re eyeing to join Blooming Lotus Yoga which is located in Ubud, determine how much are you going to spend getting there. Bali has its own fair share of delightful places to visit and see, so consider the setting when you do plan for your retreat.
  • Get intentions clear for a more enjoyable experience: A lot of yoga retreats, even in a location like Bali, offer different “themes” with their own sets of “programs.” For instance, some yoga retreats focus on improving your physical wellness. Others focus more on tranquility and peace of mind. Programs are then adjusted depending on these themes. Find something that matches your expectations.
  • Check the crowd you’re attending the retreat with: If you somehow you have narrowed down your options already, check if you could have some information on the crowd you’re going to do the retreat with. For instance, a retreat might be cheap because it will handle more than 50 individuals. Some retreats cater to the elderly, and some might cater to those new to yoga. Find the crowd size and crowd type that you feel you can “jive” with, so you won’t have any issues getting “in your zone” while you in the retreat. Sometimes, forcing yourself to belong with the wrong crowd can ruin your yoga retreat experience.
  • Get a hold of the trainer or facilitator of the retreat: Another integral part of your yoga retreat experience is the person who will handle the retreat. Check if the facilitators have extensive experience doing yoga retreats before, what other people think of them, and how you personally view them. If you’re comfortable looking at the facilitators from a photograph or from videos, then this can be the facilitators for you. However, if you feel as though you wouldn’t exactly connect with them because of how they teach or talk or move, then you probably shouldn’t go for that particular retreat.

The Takeaway: Attend Yoga Retreats for That Wellness Travel Experience

Yoga retreats aren’t just “destination” yoga practice, but they’re there to make sure that you feel your best in whatever “break” you are in. As such, choosing a location and the kind of retreat you’re participating in is extremely important to ensure that you are getting the most of your money and time. With the above into consideration, you’ll surely get the best yoga retreat that combines the benefits of doing yoga and the joy of travelling. What are your favourite yoga reviews?