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    Asia: Multisensorial Travel 

    Vacations and travels are usually divided into leisure and exploring experiences. When you’re worn out after a hard year’s work, you might be inclined to go for an island getaway where you can lounge on your favorite beach for hours. Such a holiday is actually recommended if you’ve worked hard and your body and mind need a rest.

    Then there are those who need to break their mental and physical routine and try something new, be it food, sports, or culture related. If that’s your case and you want the free time you have to be about new experiences, Asia might be of interest. What you get to live when visiting Asian countries will wake up your senses and help you enter a realm of multisensorial adventures. 


    The culture and the people

    If you’re a Westerner, a visit to Asia will help you enter a different realm and know wholly new cultures. There’s almost no place in Asia where you don’t learn something new since everything that has to do with it has its generous dose of uniqueness. 

    Whether you plan to visit Japan, China, Thailand, India, the Philippines, or any other Asian country, you will dive into new ways of living, seeing life, and being. From unique local customs to religious rituals and art, Asia is a rewarding sensorial and spiritual stimulus. On top of that, hospitality is another characteristic you will find in many Asian countries. 


    It’s unlikely to have not heard of the beautiful Asian landscapes. From pristine beaches to magnificent jungles and mountains, Asia is a continuous feast for the nature-lover. The more experienced and fearless hikers will surely find the Himalayas ideal for their next adventure. 

    Of course, you can always relax on one of the beaches in Malaysia or Indonesia and swim in the clear deep-blue water. Not to mention the rich marine life you can get to see when scuba diving. In case Thailand is on your to-see list, the jungles from the northern part of the country will provide you with unforgettable visual delight. 

    The blooming cherry trees have come to be a symbol of Japan; therefore, you might want to plan your trip accordingly in order to get to enjoy all that beauty unfolding. 

    Bungee jumping is also part of the activities you can go for when visiting Asia. The bonus you get is the surreal natural beauty surrounding you. Plus, a visit to Asia is almost incomplete without elephant expeditions. 

    You can always camp if you want a more direct experience with nature. Just like when you go for a crossbow session and you need the right gear and a quality crossbow cocking aid, make sure you get anything you need for a comfortable camping experience. 

    The food

    Many travelers choose Asia for its culinary diversity. The food in Asia will cover many preferences since it is so generous in flavors. Whether you’re into seafood, spicy dishes, or traditional Asian desserts, be sure you will find something to please your palate and embark on delicious culinary journeys. 

    What’s great about many Asian cities is that you don’t get to walk much before you run into some street food stall where you can try all sorts of local dishes. Foodies will find palate-pleasers almost everywhere. 

    A variety of activities

    Asia offers something nice to do no matter your preferences. If you prefer to simply relax on a tropical island, then there’s plenty to choose from. In case you’d like to explore nature but also taste some of the Asian nightlife, rest assured that you will also have a generous offer at disposal. 

    A trip to Asia may include anything you want from food experiences to outdoor sports, spiritual journeys, sightseeing, trekking, and even more. It is a multisensorial trip that will invigorate you mentally and physically.