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Family friendly travel destinations across Asia

Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong By Jason Cooper

It’s summertime in a lot of places, which means it’s the perfect time to head off on your breezy, blue- skies vacation! Now, the world might seem like a dangerous place right now, and I won’t blame you for being a just a little bit wary of choosing a spot for your yearly family holiday. How do you find the right balance between family friendly, adventure and safety all at the same time? Well, I’ve shortlisted some amazing places that guarantee wholesome family fun all across the beautifully mysterious land of Asia, that can help you choose!

These places are ideal for you to create some summer-time stories and capture picture perfect moments, to take home with you, frame or perhaps create a fun family photobook for memories that last you a lifetime!

Family travel. Photo by Luis Quintero

So, why Asia anyway?

A quintessential European country has its cobblestoned streets, quaint cafes and is embedded in historical significance. So what  can you, and your family, expect out of Asia?

Well, for starters you’ve got some delicious, albeit occasionally questionable delicacies (pun-intended).

Assorted sushi

By Cody Chan

Asian countries have a knack of allowing you to experience high street city life and unbeatable natural diversity all at once! Soaking in a culture that is infused with Buddhist philosophies and traipsing across a land graced with intricately designed temples, art and endlessly fascinating cities,  can be a great way for families to have a truly meaningful holiday experience.

Wiang Kum Kam, Thailand

Wiang Kum Kam, ตำบล ช้างเผือก, Thailand Photo by Mathew Schwartz

Whether you’re from an Asian country or another continent altogether, every new place is a whole new world on its own. So here’s a list of some mainstream tourist spots as well as a few undersung countries that have rightfully earned their place on this list of family friendly vacation destinations across Asia!

Hong Kong
For shopping streets, city life & tons more!

Now every blog you read is bound to forge the association of Hong Kong with Disneyland. And as Disney promises, it is definitely fun for the whole family, however, there’s tons more for your family to do in Hong Kong!

Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong
By Jason Cooper

From shopping (or wandering along) toy streets along Sham Shui Po, riding the Star Ferry and cooling off at the Ocean Park, there’s always a lot to do in Hong Kong! All you Halloween enthusiasts should definitely check out Pottinger Street for all kinds of outlandish costumes. If your kids (or you) are into it you can also head over to a Science museum. Be sure to have a gander at the very rare pink dolphins and soak in Buddhism culture!

For a fun meal idea, check out the customized character dimsums at the popular Yum Cha restaurant.


World class amusement parks, wildlife sanctuaries & water parks

Singapore city is reputed for being one of the safest in the world. Visit the beautiful Marina Bay and Singapore’s iconic merlion statue, The Quays for fun boat rides and the bird sanctuary to spot magnificent creatures basking in the freedom of flight. Let the kids go wild at the water parks and enjoy a truly fascinating walk through good ‘ol Chinatown!

Chinatown, Singapore

Chinatown in Singapore
Photo by Lily Banse

Head over to Sentosa islands for your dose of adventure on thrilling amusement park rides. Here, you don’t have to worry too much about your kids not being the right age or height to enjoy the park, there’s different things for everyone! The Universal Studios, theme  park is great if yours is a family that adores movies! Your kids are bound to enjoy a little dance with Puss in Boots, taking pictures with Kung Fu Panda and hang out with the stars of Madagascar!

The place is dotted with intricately worked temples and architectural beauties. But there’s also an incredibly popular night safari to observe nocturnal animals!


Quirky architecture, gorgeous mountains & manga

If you want a country that absolutely oozes with personality, the land of ninjas, geishas, hello kitty and cherry blossoms is the place to be! As a country that is fascinating in every conceivable way, there’s never a dull moment when you’re in Japan.

You can take a walk through the stunning splendour of green bamboo groves, get glimpses of pink cherry blossoms and the breathtaking Mount Fuji. Also, be sure to experiment with authentic Japanese cuisine – there’s loads to choose from!

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji
Photo by JJ Ying

The deeply historical, quirky architecture, is anything but boring, and a great viewing experience for parents and children alike!

If your kids are fans of manga, the Naoshima Art Island should definitely be on your itinerary. The Ghibli museum hosts a display of Ghibli studios’ works of animation! You can spot infamous snow monkeys, explore manga museums, and try your hand (or voice, rather) at karaoke in every city.

Fun fact: “Karaoke” is Japanese for “empty orchestra.”

Osaka, Japan

Osaka Japan
Photo Bagus Pangestu

South Korea

High street city life, islands & temples

Photo by Sunyu Kim


You’ve probably heard of “Gangnam style”, the hit single by Psy, that went viral in 2012. Well, do you know that it is actually an upscale city centre in Seoul? A true representative of high street fashion and luxury. To get a taste of Seoul, a hop-on hop-off bus works great.


However, South Korea isn’t all about living life lavishly! Its rich history is evident by ancient Royal Tombs buried in Gyeongju and the Korean Folk Museum in Seoul.


Jeju island (often called honeymoon island), is adorned with places that serve as a stunningly refreshing breakaway from Seoul’s fast paced urban bustle. It is a must-see for anyone looking for rolling hills and offbeat adventure in South Korea.  


Jogyesa Temple, Seoul

Jogyesa Temple Seoul
Photo by Tom Hill

You can get a taste of ancient Korea at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, the ancient architectural houses in the Insadong area. Also check out The Kimchi Museum where your family can work towards honing your culinary skills and develop the ability to make yourself kimchi, anytime you fancy!


Diversity, wildlife & a rich history

Metropolitan areas of India like Delhi and Mumbai do not have the best reputation for safety, but what you’ve got to remember is that it’s the seventh largest country in the world! And there are parts of it that make for great family destinations!

It is a land laden with history, colour, cultural, ethnic and natural diversity make it an amazing place to vacation in!

Hawa Mahal, Rajasthan

Hawa Mahal, Rajasthan
Photo by Ibrahim Rifath

For a breezy summer, head over to Kerala -famously called “God’s own country”. Hill stations like Munnar make for picturesque getaways. Up north, Manali is also a gorgeous place to escape the summer heat.

For a little taste of Europe in Asia, Goa’s quaint latin quarters in Panaji “Fountainhas”, and Pondicherry’s French styled town are a refreshing change of pace. Goa also has a wide range of sandy beaches, particularly in it’s southern district that make lovely picnic spots.

There’s also tons of potential for water adventure in the Andaman & Nicobar as well as the Lakshwadeep islands.


Palolem, Goa

Palolem Canacona
Photo by Kotagauni Srinivas

Nature, adventure & islands

Now we get to the incredibly beautiful and strangely underrated land of Laos. There still remain people who haven’t even heard of or know that Laos is a country.

Its breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls outside of Luang Prabang and relaxed environment make it the ideal place to just let your hair down and – exist!

At Vang Vieng, you can bask in a tranquil environment, enjoy family rides in quiet exploration and spend your days in organic farms. At Ock Pop Tok, you can take to developing your skills in weaving (if you have any) or simply learn the basics. Kayaking, cave exploring and all sorts of adventure are made possible upstream from Luan Prabang at the Kamu Lodge!

Vieng Xai, Laos

Kangmuong Vietnam
Photo by Pascal Müller

Luang Parang is widely known for its environmentally sustainable practices. With options like jungle hike, fishing and trying your shot at archery – it is the ultimate spot for family adventure!

Tad Sae Waterfall, Laos

Tad Sae Waterfall, Laos
Photo by Christine Wehrmeier

Photo by Christine Wehrmeier

So go ahead, make those priceless memories, take a ton of pictures and  keep ‘em too! Sites like Photojaanic work brilliantly for creating all kinds of personalized photo souvenirs or mementos from your various family adventures!

A great way to create your travel itinerary is to get the whole family involved in the planning. Be open to ideas and find a way to enjoy everyone’s choice of recreation and adventure and you’re bound to have an amazing time!