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Top Foods to try in Japan

Traveling in Japan is an exhilarating experience filled with stunning sites, a wonderfully immersive culture and some of the best food you will ever try. Whether you are planning to visit restaurant throughout Japan, try some street food or want to hire a personal chef to cater delicious Japanese meals for you, these are a few Japanese foods you need to try.


You may have had sushi before but you have never had it like this before! Only the freshest seafood, nutrient rich seaweed and perfectly cooked rice is used in authentic Japanese sushi The intense flavors and wide variety of options are unparalleled and any restaurant outside Japan just cannot compare. Eat as much sushi or sashimi as possible while in the foods native land!


Real ramen noodle bowls are a specialty of Japanese culture. Rich broth is paired with things like pork, green onion, seaweed and egg. The pork is so tender that it typically falls apart in the soup. Ramen broth is so healthful that it can cure a common cold! A tasty bowl of hot ramen is definitely a must while traveling in Japan.

Kare Raisu

This simple yet classic dish is essentially rice and curry. Japanese curry however is a little different than any you may have experienced elsewhere. Carrots, onions, sweet potato and a meat are the typical ingredients in the curry and you can choose your spice level to suit your taste. Would you opt for the “soft” curry which is very mild or give the hot a try? Either way, this Japanese dish is one you should try!


A Japanese savory pancake is something that you must experience while traveling in Japan. The work Okonomi translates to mean “how you like” and is well suited for this pancake which can be customized to your preferences. Typically, the Japanese chef will make this pancake tableside while you instruct them what to add to the dish- interactive, fun and delicious! Onions, shrimp, squid, mochi, vegetables or cheese are all common additions to the pancake batter. What will you choose?!

Shabu Shabu

Meats and seafood’s, vegetables and noodles- this Japanese hot pot has everything you may want all made in a family style atmosphere. A pot of hot broth or consomme is placed in the center of the tables and you choose which foods you would like to add and cook. As the food cooks in the broth, you can enjoy the company of those you are dining with. When your food has cooked, it is then traditionally dipped in a sesame sauce and enjoyed!


If you are looking for a snack while in Japan, this is what you should reach for. Found at convenience stores, grocery stores and restaurants as well, onigiri is essentially a rice ball that can be flavored in many ways. Vegetables, sauces, beans or seaweed can all be part of onigiri and every store will make the snack a little differently so you will want to try onigiri in a few different places to find your favorite Japanese snack spot.

Noodle Choices

When in Japan, you will find a wide range of noodle options. While a few may seem similar at first, when you begin to try each one, you will notice the differences. From thick udon noodles to gyudon which is more like a rice, or soba noodles which are made with buckwheat flour, each noodles have its own taste and texture. Definitely try a lot of noodles while in Japan in order to pick which are your favorite.

The food in Japan is incredible and so different from cuisines in other parts of the world. Thanks to the ocean surrounding the country, there is plenty of fresh seafood options and the countries long history of growing grains makes noodles and other grain based dishes widely available. Trying Japanese food is like tasting the culture so be sure to dive into as many dishes as you can! You may even want to hire a personal chef to ensure you try every dish from a true professional!