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Srirangam the excellent religious island

The religious island Srirangam is located in Tamilnadu, a popular state in India.

Srirangam is an excellent religious island which is surrounded by river Cauvery and its distributary Coleroon, which is colloquially known as Kollidam. It is the favorite place of the devotees of Lord Vishnu. Sri Ranganathaswamy temple is located in the island of Srirangam. This town is connected to Trichy, which is one among the largest cities in Tamilnadu.

Surveys state that, the Srirangam temple is the biggest Hindu temple in the world, which is functioning at present. The area of the temple is 6,790,000 square feet and its perimeter is 10,710 feet. The popular Sri Ranganathaswamy temple is enclosed with seven Prakaras. The main tower of the temple, which is called Rajagopuram, is seventy two meters tall. It is the tallest temple tower in Asia. Apart from this main tower, there are 21 towers in the temple, each with uniqueness. All the towers in the temple are sculpted with excellent artwork by the ancient artistic legends.

The deity Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy is in the reclining posture. The history of this temple is very interesting, according to the people who dwell in the town. The idol of the god was presented by Lord Rama to Vibishana, the brother of the King Ravana, who made a turning point in the Hindu epic Ramayana. While taking it to his home town Sri Lanka, Vibishana placed the idol on the banks of river Cauvery, to worship. After worshipping, he could not lift it up and the lord found his own place and erected himself. During the Chola dynasty, the temple was developed well and elaborated in all directions.

Srirangam town has a very good economy, as it flourishes many devotees. People from all over the world come to the town to worship the relaxing idol of Sri Ranganathaswamy. Vaikunta Ekadashi is the festival when the devotees from all over the world gather at this temple. As there are frequent visits by the devotees, the economical condition of the town is excellent.

Amazing transportation facility is available in this small religious town. There is frequent bus transportation from Trichy to Srirangam. This small town has a railway station too. For the people who live abroad, there is airport facility too. Tiruchirappalli International Airport in Trichy, serves well for the people who visit the temple from distant places.

The visitors are provided with good food in the restaurants in Trichy. As Srirangam is a small town, many of the visitors like to have their food in Trichy, which can be reached within 12 minutes from Srirangam. Trichy has an enormous number of international restaurants to supply all varieties of food.

Moderate climate in this small temple town suits all the people who visit here to worship the lord Sri Ranganathaswamy.