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Ranu Segara, a refreshing lake and hot spring

It is another weekend to go away from the city buzz and feel the nature. This time Ranu Segara will welcome you to its cool air. Ranu in Javanese mean lake and Segara in Javanese mean sea. Even it is named after the sea, the volcanic lake has nothing to do with the sea. It doesn’t have salty water, it is not connected to the sea, and is almost 300 hectare. But Ranu Segara has the same relaxing effect as when you go to the beach.

To get there you just need a couple of hours from Surabaya or Malang heading down to Probolinggo. Ranu Segara is a perfect place for a family picnic. You can bring your own food or just simply buy your lunch on the food stalls nearby the lake and taste the local cuisine. In Ranu Segara you can pay a boat to take you around the lake or you can rent a waterbike to play around. Some people go fishing for fun; even I’m not sure what fish you can catch down there.


After lunch you can go to a natural hot spring which is near by the lake. You just need to walk around 500 metres from the lake to get there. The hot spring really is natural and not commercialized yet. The hot spring looks like a Jacuzzi with 40oC to 50oC heat. To enjoy the hot spring you just need go right in.

Well, actually there are unwritten rules to follow while you are bathing in the natural hot spring:

  • Don’t jump in, because the hot spring is pretty small and shallow and you will end up hurting yourself.
  • Don’t get in naked, at least use a short for a man, shirt and short for the woman.
  • Don’t use any soap or shampoo when bathing in the hot spring, since it counts as pollution to the hot spring.
  • Don’t pee in the hot spring, because it counts as pollution too, obviously. Local people provide public toilets and a shower.


This natural hot spring contains a small amount of sulphur. Local people believe bathing in this hot spring will help reduce pain for people who suffer from rheumatism, neuralgia, or fatigue on your neck, shoulder, and your back; or if you have asthma, bathing in the hot spring will help you to relieve your congestion. Natural hot springs that have small amount of sulphur which is also good for your skin, especially if you have eczema which will make it help the healing process.

/// Written by Desthi Nur, Indonesia