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Toko Oen, a legendary colonial ice cream palace

Welkom in Malang. Toko Oen, die sinds 1930 aan de gasten gezelligheid geeft.
Welcome to Malang. Toko Oen, provides you a cosy place since 1930.

The sign plank will welcome you when you enter the shop. If you go to Malang, it would not be complete if you don’t go to Toko Oen. Toko Oen is a legendary restaurant, ice cream palace, and patisserie. Toko Oen is established in 1930 by Mr. Oen Tjoen Hok and his wife, Mrs. Liem Gien Nio. It started as a cookie store but then it evolves into a great place to hang out.

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The most favourite menu in Toko Oen is the ice cream. There are various selections of ice cream from classic vanilla and chocolate to durian ice cream. Or maybe you would like the ice cream combination like Tutti Frutti, Neapolitan, or, of course, the banana split. I, myself, enjoy a cup of Peach Melba. The differences between Toko Oen’s ice cream and common manufactured ice cream are their ice cream is softer and easily melt on your tongue and their medium sweetness level that would not leave you feeling like you will get diabetes after finish a cup.

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Besides ice cream Toko Oen also provide various international, oriental, and Indonesian foods. Ox tongue steak is one of the favourite and you should try it too. While my personal preferences is the asparagus soup, that will keep me warm in cool air of Malang. For snack, lumpia Semarang is what I like the most. The first Toko Oen is opened in Semarang, and when they open the branch in Malang they bring Semarang’s local snack to Malang. Lumpia Semarang is a big spring roll that fills with bamboo sprout, chicken, and shrimp, and serves with sweet dressing, scallion, and cayenne. There are two version of lumpia Semarang, deep fried lumpia Semarang if you prefer tasty and savory snack and wet lumpia Semarang for healthier and less oil option.

In Toko Oen, the colonial atmosphere is so preserved and make you feel like you come into another era. From old pictures and vintage furniture to the waitresses that dress up with colonial style clothes, everything is set up to make you feel nostalgic. It is not a secret that older expats take time to come to Toko Oen if they come to Malang just to recall their memories back in time. (dt)

/// Written by Desthi Nur, Indonesia