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Introduction – Italian Cone Pizza, Malaysia

So the first introduction on The Daily Roar today will be about Italian Cone Pizza. As the name already predicts this is pizza in a cone! As someone from a western country I love pizza, and I have tried many delicious pizza all over Europe. Could a cone pizza give me some satisfaction for my pizza craving? I was asking myself this when standing in front of the cone pizza stand. When looking at the signboards I saw they have many choice when it comes to flavors, so everyone can get something that he likes. From margarita taste to creamy mushroom chicken or beef pepperoni they got it.


I decided to choose the beef pepperoni, as I wanted to try the meat. Sometimes people here will use the Asian version of beef pepperoni, which I am not a great fan of (the taste is too sweet). After you make the order the cone pizza will be done within 5 minutes, which is acceptable. The prize per piece is RM 6.90, which is ok. They also have many combo deals so this could be a family snack occasion. After the order is made they directly start to fill up your cone and add in all the fresh ingredients! When they are filled up they are ready to go in a fast oven.


After it was done they handed me my first cone pizza ever! Actually I am still quite amazed that a concept like this is not yet known in Europe. I have never heard of it before until I saw it here in Malaysia! (Bolehhh). Does anyone know where this concept came from? Anyway I wanted to try out the taste! The first impression is good. The whole cone is warm. Please take note that you cannot compare this to any sort of ice-cream cone, since the whole content is really hot! With ice-cream you usually will take a big lick or bite directly. Please control yourself with you cone pizza or you will get burned! After trying my first bites I must say that cone pizza got me. The taste is just like a real pizza and the ingredients are Italian style. The tomato sauce is nice and full of flavor and the cheese is just like in Italy. I am really amazed how tasteful the cone pizza is. Until the last bite of cone pizza you have stuffing inside. But be careful the last part is still very hot!

The final conclusion is that the cone pizza is a nice snack/appetizer. It does not make you full, but does it need to? People who want a whole pizza go to Domino’s or Pizza Hut, people who love cone pizza take….. cone pizza! I can recommend it as a western that the taste is really like in Italy. Want to try your own cone pizza? They have opened a new stand in Kluang Mall, Johor. Other places where you can find them are: Sunway Pyramid, KSL City, Sutera Mall, Puchong IOI Boulevard
For more information on their products go to: Facebook or their website