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Midori at Davao City : A Place Like No Other

Are you looking for perfect destination this Christmas Season? Here is now your chance to visit one of the perfect spot for family outing or friends bonding moment. Come and visit MIDORI ICE-COLD RESORT located at Sitio Isum Barrio Inawayan Municipality of Sta.Cruz Davao Del Sur,Philippines.

They are serving from 7:00am – 6:00pm. Midori is a Japanese baby name which means “green” and literally, the place is surrounded by trees and plants. For sure nature lovers can really appreciate this place for its nice and quiet ambiance. It is famous for cold water pool which is a running natural spring water so you can really make sure that it is safe. They have adult pool and kiddie pool. For adult one, it is deep reaches from 3feet to 6feet with a sliding board. For kids, you can enjoy their froggy fountain with extremely cold ice water. There is also a sliding board for kids to enjoy.

After diving, come and take a rest in their native nipa cottages.There are also a lot of shading area that would keep you warm and dry like their stainless benches and the plastic chair open field if you want to take a fresh air while looking for a relaxing view that surrounded the area.

For recreational purposes, you can enjoy singing all day long in their pavillion with unlimited karaoke service. They also have tennis courts for those sporty customers.

After all these activities, I’m sure you are now longing for something to eat. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because they are serving you delicious dishes available in their canteen. You can order Plate-in dishes like RiTapa Log, RiBangus Log, RiManokLog, RiChori Log, RiPork Log and ReToci Log and you can also have short order dishes that would fit to your taste like Beef Broccoli, Lechon Manok, Fries, Empanada, Chicken Fiesta, Spicy Lumpia and Pork Liempo.

Get ready and plan now for your next vacation trip with your love ones.Grab your swimming attire and visit Midori Ice cold Resort.

/// Witten by Emma Morato