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How to respect the Buddha?

Component of respecting the Buddha image. joss stick, candle and flower.

Whenever a joss-stick is burned during worship, the monks and Buddhist followers gain a feeling of respect in their minds, … of cleansing through their eyes, if there is no excessive smoke from the many joss-sticks, and… of peace through the environment of silence. Joss-sticks are also regarded as a symbol of paying homage to Lord Buddha. 3 joss-sticks must be presented each time, each with its own symbolism. The first stands for Lord Buddha’s wisdom, the second for his purity, and the third for his kindness.

After chanting and making their wishes, worshippers bend low to plant 3 joss-sticks in a clay container or ceramic vase containing sand or dry clay. This vase must be located in the centre at a level lower than the Buddha image.