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A Tricycle Ride in the Philippines

Aside from Jeepneys, tricycles are the second most popular means of transportation here in the Philippines. These vehicles have been around for quite some time that banning them is really impossible. A tricycle ride is a must-do when your on vacation in the Philippines.

Tricyle or sometimes called as “trike” is a three-wheeled public utility vehicle consisting of a motorcycle and an attached passenger’s side car. The motorcycle is on the left side and a side car on the right side. These trikes can be found everywhere in the country except on major or main roads.


They are painted colorfully and built in a variety of styles which differ from city to city. The regular trike can accommodate three to five passengers and luggage can be placed on the roof. Three people can fit inside the side car and usually one or two passengers can ride behind the driver.

Jeepneys have fixed routes so the big advantage of the trike is that it will bring you to every desired place.

Fare starts from Php 8.00 and up, depending on the locality and the distance to be ridden. They are always available, cheap and fast. If you want to pay the lowest fare, you will wait until the trike is filled up with passengers. But if you want the tricycle exclusively, just tell the driver you want a “special” ride. He will charge a little extra but it’s more comfortable to ride alone.


If you’re a foreigner, your vacation isn’t over yet if you haven’t ridden a Philippine-tricyle. This is a fun experience and definitely, a unique way of travelling.
It’s more fun in the Philippines!

/// Written by Jahweh Mariel S. Huerta, The Philippines