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Abaka Native Products – One of the Prides of Bicol

Abaka, Bicol natives finest

One of the prides of Bicol region, Philippines is the production of native products which are basically made up of abaka (or some say Abaca). Abaca products in bicol are very popular. Abaka is a sort or specie of native banana which is being harvested because of its fiber. With the use of the fiber that people can get from abaka, they can produce more high quality products like lampshades, chairs, accessories, furniture, baskets, slipper and some others. Generally, these products are handmade and can be done manually by most of the skillful people in Bicol region. You can take a look at the sample pictures below and be able to have a glimpse on the native products that the place is offering.



These native products are mainly used as a display and decorations in any houses. So, anyone can purchase these products in any authorized stores. Abaka products are the main products which can be exported to some other countries. According to the survey, there is a higher rate of exports of abaka products this year, 2013.

Abaka is a way of life

Most of the people in Bicol Region, most especially the Albay Province are producing a well-crafted product which they can use for their daily living. This kind of chores is very important for them since this is their primary source of living. Though there are some other jobs or works which they can do, still, they are so eager to show their creativity by doing any native products made up of abaka fiber. After all the process being done, they are selling their products to some other neighbor towns and cities. In fact, some of their products are being exported to Metro Manila, capital of the Philippines and in some parts of the country.


The prices of these native products depend on the different types of the products. So, if you are looking for some native products for your native house, then the place can provide you with all your needs and wants. All the primary needs in your house including different pieces of furniture up to the accessories inside your room will be provided for you. So, come now and experience the different products of the Bicolanos. You can also explore the lifestyle and all the ways of living of all Bicolanos since all the guests and visitors are welcome to their place.

As you go to Bicol, Philippines; you can have an assurance that you will be relaxed as if that you are in a primitive society in the country. Aside from its excellent products, the place is filled with stunning spots where everyone can go!