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All Dressed for Christmas: The Bell House in Baguio City

It’s less than a week before Christmas, and Baguio folks along with the many tourists who came to spend the holidays in the City of Baguio can definitely feel the chill in the cold December air.
Yes, the Christmas atmosphere has indeed enveloped the city, and it is pretty evident in the ways that businesses have decorated and prepped their establishments to ensure a truly cheerful Christmas vacation, just like what Camp John hay did with one of their all-time favoured tourist attraction – the Bell House.

“The Bell House in Camp John Hay, Baguio City is all dressed up for Christmas.”

The Bell House

If you’re thinking of something like a church or a monastery, then you’d be wrong. The Bell House is nothing related to the sort. Instead, what you’ll see is a charming house that is reminiscent of an old American estate, which makes it one of those heritage and architectural beauties of the city. Renovations were of course made in order to preserve the heritage house, but artisans and craftspeople were more than able to maintain its country home allure and appeal.

The Bell House is named after its famous resident, the former commanding General of the Army during the Spanish-American Wars here in the Philippines. Whenever he is not leading a group of soldiers or discussing military matters in with his colleagues, one will usually find him in this vacation home enjoying the cool pine breeze.
Long after the wars, the Bell House was transformed into a museum and a library where items of historical importance and archives are kept. And although this attraction is open all year round, Christmas time is definitely the best time to pay this house a visit.

“The Bell House is made warmer and more cheerful with its Christmas decorations and trappings.”
After strolling through the interiors, do go out to the veranda where you’ll be treated to fascinating views of the surroundings. On one side is a lush forest of old growth pine trees (the refreshing scent of which is pretty strong in the early mornings) and mountains blanketed by clouds. On the other is a romantic view of the amphitheatre and its lovely flower gardens.



“The amphitheatre as seen from the bell house is sometimes the venue of many cultural shows and other events. However, it is much more appealing to tourists who just want to take a relaxing walk around and smell the flowers.”

So if you’re planning on spending your holiday vacation in the City of Baguio, be sure to add the Bell House in Camp John in your travel itinerary. The Bell House’s doors are always open to accommodate visitors from all over the country and the world.

/// Written by Allan Lee Glen Demot, The Philippines