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Kadayawan of Davao

Davao is the largest City in the Philippines in terms of its land capacity and is one of the busiest and populous City in the Country. Many Tourists and Investors visits Davao for its beautiful Natural Wonders, Agriculture, Infrastructures, and mainly because it’s an exciting place to discover. What makes it even more exciting were the people living in Davao “Davaoeños“ and of course, of its most anticipated event every year is their festival. The said festival is called “Kadayawan Festival” derived from the word “Madayaw” (a friendly greeting) which generally means beautiful.


Kadayawan is a celebration of bountiful and successful harvest traditionally celebrated during the third (3rd) week of August. You can already feel a remarkable essence of the Kadayawan Festival even still on the very first day of the weeklong celebration. Bargains everywhere starting from “Tiangge” (what Filipinos call for a Flea Market) to big Super Markets/Malls. Night clubs and even those small establishments has different ways of impressing clients, buyers, and costumers with every promos and give away they can offer. Lanzones, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Pomelo, and most of all Durian compromises every Fruit Stands since it’s the most saleable fruits during the said event. Foreigners and even Celebrities visit the city to celebrate as well as to experience the culture. And of course you should not miss the Night Market, the most favorite bargain shop of the Filipinos. They call it “Ukay-ukay” which literally means to dig in. It is a shop of used clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, appliances and etc. being sold at a very low cost, you are also free to bid for a lesser price of the item.


The main event is the “Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan” roughly means Street Dancing. It is performed by different tribes or schools all over Mindanao showing unique dance choreographies foretelling stories of the Mindanao’s natives and the bountiful harvest including some superstitious beliefs of the Filipinos. Every Contestants/Participants were very competitive in their own way, dancing under the heat of the sun without showing any signs of tiredness. You would be amazed of their unique, bright, and colorful costumes showing the beauty of what tribe they represent. Loud drum beats and other musical instruments inspired by ethnic music will be heard from one street to the other. Traffic were re-routed for the purpose of the said “Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan” and also cash prizes and awards are given to all the winning groups.


The final event that would complete the celebration is the Floral Float Parade. This parade shows the creative and playful minds of the Davaoeños where in each float was delicately handled with care due to the complicated and fragile details. Tourists and even the local residence were always stunned with the different piece of art, gigantic floats made only with flowers and fruits. You would be amazed how they made it hand in hand to construct such unbelievable architecture of arts to portray the theme of “Kadayawan Festival.” These events show the public in a creative way about the Filipino cultures and traditions which they learned from their ancestors and will be passed on from generations to generations.




/// Written by Kailyn Kesha Requiza, The Philippines