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As subtle as Hue Cake, Vietnam

Referring to cuisine in the central area of Vietnam, people usually think about Hue because of its characteristics of culinary art. It has become a sweet nostalgia, deep-lying in the the heart of travelers when they have a chance to stop by and savour.

Everyone knows that Hue is the ancient capital where the elite had converged from all over the country. There was a harmony between royal and folk cuisine in this place.The delicacies from the countryside was offered to the court. Otherwise, the dainty morsels in the palace were cooked at the cooks’ home for their families to enjoy. Hue cakes are always sophisticated and subtle whether being made in the palace or not. That is the reason why Hue cakes can be considered an art although the materials are popular.


Bánh bột lọc – Vietnamese shrimp – dumpling cake.

Those who first visit Hue are surprised about the variety of cakes, their small size and thin shapes. At first sight, you may wonder how much you have to eat to be full. However, when you savour, you will see the delicacy in each piece of bánh bao (dumpling) , bánh bèo (bloating fern-shaped cake), bánh cuốn ( steamed rolled rice pancake) …

First, bloating fern-shaped cake are presented in small and shallow cups. Hue people believe that each elegant piece of cake is the element that makes up the appetite.


Bánh bèo Huế – Huế bloating fern-sharped cake.

Steamed rice pancake with shrimp which is white and decorated with pinkish shrimp. It is a rectangular thin slice, served with grilled chopped shrimp. This unique dish is a combination between simple-mannered and noble way. In Hue, steamed rice pancake is also served for vegetarian in the first and fifteenth of every month, its stuffing contains only mung beans.


Nậm cake – which made from rice floor and shrimp.

The most famous one must be Hue dumpling which is considered the “origin” of other types of dumpling. There are 2 types of Hue dumpling: boiled dumpling wrapped in banana leaves and unwrapped one. Both kinds are made sophisticatedly to create unique flavors of shrimp and the crispy tough cover whose smell willl make you crave for.


Shrimp and pork – dumpling cake of Huế.


The small and thin slice of cake represents Hue style – light, small but intimate. Therefore, once someone who has been to Hue and enjoyed the cakes will feel comfortable and enjoyable.The food is delicious, unforgettable and worth dying for.

/// Written by Lop Hoc Vui Ve, Vietnam