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Dried young coconut strips, a delicacy from Cebu

Philippines has been known for their diverse array of food products that are highly competitive around the world. Aside from the famous dried mangoes, another food product is also making a name in the global scene — the dried coconut strips. Such product is also a culmination of what Philippines has to offer; not just the delightfulness of food it can offer but also its culture and traditions as a whole.

Why coconut is so important to Filipinos

Coconut is a staple food across the Southeast Asia. It is also known to be the “tree of life” due to its multi-functionality. Its meat has been the most frequently used part due to its luscious taste. Just having the smell of it makes you travel across the tropical setting where white sand beach approaches you and calming summer breeze embraces you. Every bite you take is a glimpse of how Filipinos enjoy their snack under the glaring yet cheerful sunlight. Such commodity is a summary of the tropical adventures in Southeast Asia which deserves to be experienced by all.

The nature of this product winds up the customs and traditions of the said country. This can be highlighted by the two words describing the featured snack: dried and coconut. Let us emphasize the produce as being dried. Drying has been a common practice within the Southeast Asian regions as a means of preserving the foods. This is due to the significant removal of moisture within the produce. Such action in turn improves the food’s taste since the flavor of the food is concentrated within the product upon water loss. This activity signifies the innovative nature of Filipinos in maximizing their resources for improving their way of life.

On the other hand, coconut meat has been acknowledged as a good source of saturated fatty acids which are beneficial for the heart. Aside from that, it is also a rich source of fiber which improves digestion and metabolism. Proteins and iron can also be found in the said food product which can be utilized for muscle and blood formation. The high nutritive value of coconut meat previews how Filipinos value the health of their loved ones by providing nourishing food to them. It portrays the strong family ties and camaraderie within the Filipino people as the food relays the care given by the people producing it.

Good food signifies good experience as you eat it. A wonderful experience is achieved by having a glimpse of what nature has to offer as well as a picture of the place’s heritage through its culture and traditions. The dried coconut meat is a manifestation of what identity the Philippines exudes. It is a must try product for aspiring tourists worldwide.

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