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GOTO: The Filipino Beef Congee

Goto is a type of rice porridge and a Filipino version of beef congee. It is a well known Chinese recipe that is embraced by Filipinos. “Goto” means “beef tripe” which is one of the main ingredients for this Filipino Congee.

This is another popular Filipino street food that is usually served hot and is normally enjoyed as a breakfast food or heavy snack. This is closely similar to Lugaw (Filipino Congee) and Arroz Caldo (Filipino Chicken Congee). It is peddled in the streets in wooden kart with big cast iron pot complete with LPG stove.

This is good for the party goers who had too much beer or liquor. “There’s nothing like a hot bowl of goto paired with tokwa’t baboy (fried tofu & boiled pork) to sober you up”

So here is a recipe and I’m sure anyone who tries it will love it…


300g cooked beef brisket (thinly sliced)
250g cooked beef tripe (thinly sliced)
2 cups glutinous rice
5cloves garlic (minced)
50g ginger (minced)
1 large onion (minced)
5tbsp cooking oil
4 to 7cups beef broth or water
¼ tsp ground turmeric
50ml fish sauce
¼ tsp black pepper

Cooking Procedure:

1. In a large pot, sauté the garlic, ginger & onion till translucent in medium-high heat.
2. Add in the beef brisket and tripe, mix it well and then add the turmeric and black pepper.
3. Add the fish sauce and let it simmer for 30 seconds.
4. Add the glutinous rice then add the water or beef broth. Stir to evenly disperse the rice and brisket/ tripe. Bring to a boil then lower the heat to simmering stage.
5. Dispose the scum that accumulates in the surface. Keep stirring the sides and bottom of the pot to avoid burning your goto.
6. It is done once the rice starts to crumble and blend with the liquid.
7. Serve hot and enjoy!

Suggested Toppings:

• Fried onions or garlic
• Chopped fresh onion chives or shallots
• Sliced brisket and tripe
• Whole boiled egg
• Crushed Pork Crackling (Chicharon)
• Crispy fried tofu

/// Written by Jahweh, The Philippines