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Nagasari: Delicious Market Munchies from Indonesia

Have you ever heard about Nagasari? It is a kind of jajanan pasar made of rice flour that you can find in traditional markets here, in Indonesia. Literarily, jajanan means snack and pasar means market. Nagasari itself is included as jajanan pasar because it is a kind of snack that is usually being sold in traditional markets along with any other delicious snacks such as bolu kukus, lemper, putu ayu etc. The price of jajanan pasar including Nagasari is usually affordable or even very cheap. Here, in Klaten, the price of Nagasari (or we usually call it Lemet) goes around Rp. 700- Rp 1,500. It is quite cheap, isn’t it? You just need to spend few cents (or hundred rupiahs) to enjoy this tasty snack. For you who love cooking and want to try to make it by yourself, well, don’t worry, Nagasari is quite easy to make even for a beginner. Here is the receipt:


250 gr Rice Flour
3 (medium) glasses of Coconut Milk/ 900 ml
150 gr Sugar
½ teaspoon of Salt
Bananas (cut the bananas into small pieces horizontally or vertically)
Pandan Leafs (slice it into two or three pieces)
Fresh Banana Leafs


How to Make:

Firstly, pour the rice flour, the coconut milk, sugar, ½ teaspoon of salt (or less), together and mix it thoroughly till the rice flour, sugar and the salt blend with the coconut milk. After that, boil the ingredients and the pandan leaf together and don’t forget, while you are boiling them down, you have to stir up evenly until all the ingredients boiled and thickened. After it is done, then let the almost- ready Nagasari to cool off. The next step is, take one or two spoon of Nagasari and put it into a piece of fresh banana leaf. Don’t forget to also put one or two pieces of sliced banana in the middle of the dough and then wrap it fully with the fresh banana leaf. Do the same for the rest of the Nagasari dough. Finally, the last step is, steam them for about 30 minutes and Nagasari is ready to serve. How is it? very easy, right? So, for you who want to try to make Nagasari, Happy Cooking☺!




/// Written by Ninn Austyn, Indonesia