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Petaling Jaya’s Best Kept Secret; The Mille Crepe Cake at Food Foundry, Malaysia

Fancy restaurants, fast food joints and street food have always been all the rage in Malaysia and are known the many. But the best bites are those that are stumbled upon by a friend of a friend, the ones that are popularized by word of mouth and those that dish out the best food while upholding a minimalistic concept. Put all that together and you’ve got Food Foundry; a cosy little eatery, that’s tucked away in the depths of Section 17, Petaling Jaya.


Food Foundry carries a variety of flavours, dishing out a mixed menu consisting of Italian, Western and Asian favourites. But what makes this eatery stand out from the rest is their variety of drool-worthy Mille Crepe Cakes. Made popular by the French, Mille Crepe translates to mean a million layers and it’s just that. Well, not a million but about, 20, maybe? The cake isn’t just the regular mix of flour and eggs but it’s made by layering thin pancake-like crepes with cream or custard fillings in between. Easily one of my favourite desserts!




The Mille Crepe is to die for! If regular desserts haven’t got you begging for more, this baby surely will. Some would say I’m exaggerating, but unless you’re not a fan of melt-in-your-mouth goodness, you would agree too! It’s soft, fluffy and has just the right amount of sugar that you could have two, three or ten more bites before you’ve had enough. With a range of flavours from regular vanilla and chocolate to more exotic picks such as lavender earl grey and durian, there’ll always be something new to taste! If you enjoy going back to an old favourite, the vanilla is a personal recommendation.


Food Foundry isn’t only known for its good food but it’s also got a humble décor concept that adds charm and character. With mismatched chairs and a mix of decorative pieces, it uses a minimalistic mix and match impression that creates its cosy environment. Taking over two store units, it’s got artistic wall paintings, adorable shelves and a random throw of artsy pieces. It’s the perfect pick for dates, friendly meet ups and when you’re armed with a good read and a sweet tooth.


Food Foundry is located at Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya.