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Peyek Bayam, a Taste of Indonesia

Many people had seen the amazing Indonesia through many islands like Java, Bali, Lombok, Papua, Sumatera, Karimunjawa and many more. These paradise islands give attractions through many things started from the scenery, the culture, the people and also the traditional food.
Ask your trave guide to find some traditional snacks shops. There you will find hundreds of traditional snacks from various materials started from fruits, vegetables, dairy products and so on. This is true, as Indonesia has extremely rich natural resources. You can find the most complete plants in this country.

Talking about vegetables, all of us clearly see that spinach is really good for our health. It contains much fibres and also zinc as great nutritions to our body. However, not everybody loves spinach as Popeye does. Some of them needs a new variety of spinach product to maintain their health.

If you love spinach and want to have a crispy snack on the same time, you can buy Peyek Bayem, a crispy spinach chip made by Indonesian people. The word ’peyek’ means traditional chips or snacks while the word ’bayam’ means spinach. The spinach leaves that you see in the pictures might be different from those which grow in your country. The spinach leaves that are used to make this crispy snack are not the small ones. These original spinach leaves have wide surfaces. This kind of spinach grows well at many villages in Indonesia.

If you are worried about the ingredients, stop doing it. The spinach leaves are traditionally fried using some traditional spices covered with flours. Those which have been covered well by the spices and flours then being fried at a pan of coconut oil. This deep fry technique keeps the nutrition. It also makes the spinach chips crispy.

If you are looking for a healthy snack during your journey in Indonesia, Peyek Bayam could be one of your primary choice. Most of them are produced in many home industries throughout Indonesia. This snack is widely available at most traditional markets in Indonesia, especially Java.

Peyek Bayam is also suitable to be brought home at your country. This snack is packed well and can be consumed for a month or more. Usually, Peyek Bayam is packed on various size started from 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kgs. The prices are vary from IDR 7,000 for 250 grams pack. Peyek Bayam, healthy and crispy snacks rich of Indonesian taste.

/// Written by Riezty Wulan, Indonesia