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Exotic Finds at Asiano Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

If you are looking for something beyond the mass-produced kind that you will find in many souvenir shops in Puerto Princesa, Asiano is your place. It is brimming with authentic and creative items like driftwood lanterns, wood carvings, rubbercut paintings, beaded accessories, unique furniture, wood carved benches, and even decorated ostrich eggs!


The moment you enter the shop, you’ll instantly be in awe. Every corner is teeming with artistry and imagination—it makes you wonder how there never seems to be a shortage in great ideas. And even if you tell yourself you’re only going to buy a couple of items, a few gifts for your friends back at home, you’ll probably end up buying more not only because it’d be difficult to make a choice among all the wonderful items you’ll find here, you also know that they’re not available elsewhere.


Owner and designer Jojo Orcullo has been running this souvenir shop for many years now. And even with the proliferation of souvenir shops (especially in the downtown area where large spaces are filled with dozens of stores selling practically the same things), Asiano remains a tourist favorite. Those with keen eyes and thirst for creativity are lured by Asiano’s unique creations that you won’t find anywhere.

Jojo designs most of the items in his store but he also commissions locals and indigenous tribe members to make some of the wares. He also features the works of some local artists. His space truly evokes the art of Palawan.


Asiano is located about five minutes away from the airport. It’s situated along Rizal Avenue near Bilao at Palayok, a well-known Filipino restaurant that’s also a favorite tourist destination.

If you’re visiting Palawan and you want to bring home more than fond memories, countless snapshots, and stories to tell, drop by Asiano.

/// Written by Wendelou Garcia, The Philippines