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The Filipino Custard Delight

Most Filipinos love to celebrate different occasions with their friends, family and loved-ones. It is one of the ways to show their gratitude and appreciation and also share their blessings with all the people surrounding them. Whether it is for a town fiesta, a birthday celebration or a family gathering, some Filipinos spend time for preparing various dishes including desserts. Many of this family-loving people have sweet tooth so various Philippine delicacies are often served on the table. One of the most favorite sweet delights from the Philippines is called “Leche Flan”. It is the counterpart of caramel custard, also a popular dessert known throughout the world.




“Leche flan” is actually not that difficult to make. You will only need chicken eggs which can also be replaced by duck eggs. Sugar and milk, both condensed and evaporated ones are also important in making this dessert. Before cooking “Leche Flan”, you need to prepare oblong aluminum tins or more popular as llaneras and aluminum foils as well. It would be better if you also have a steamer in which the llaneras can fit.

The first thing you have to do when making a “leche flan” is to place the eggs in a bowl and beat them with the use of a fork. You may also use an egg beater if you have one. Then, you have to add the condensed milk and mix it well. It should be followed by the evaporated milk. After preparing the egg and milk mixture, you need to prepare the container that you will use for your “leche flan”. To do this, you should place a small amount of sugar on the llanera. You may add one to two tablespoons, depending on your preference. Put the container on top of the stove and heat it. Make sure that you are using a low fire in order to prevent it from being burnt. When the sugar already turned into caramel, a light brown liquid, try to spread it evenly. Let it cool for a few minutes and pour the mixture that was made beforehand. Use an Aluminum foil to cover the llanera. Then you may now steam this mixture for 45 minutes. After it has been cooked, you can store it in the refrigerator to cool it down. Finally, you can now serve it on the table and have fun eating it with your family and friends.







/// Written by Verna Banasihan, The Philippines