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Vindaloo – Spicy and full of flavour!

If you live in Malaysia, chances are you’ve heard about this dish- the Vindaloo. It’s full of spicy goodness and it’s all rich, satisfying yet homely! Vindaloo is a very- straight- forward meat dish. The main ingredient is usually chicken. Although beef or pork can be used instead. Some places even serve their version of Vindaloo with prawns, fish or other seafood. The chosen meat is then marinated in spices such as pepper, chilli powder, vinegar and others. The meat is marinated for a few hours to let all the flavours and spices to incorporate and mix well with each other. Some family recipes even call for the meat to be marinated overnight! The meat is flavoured this way and the vinegar gives a chance for this delight to really soften up and be even more scrumptious.

This wonderful meaty dish was originally served at special events and occasions at the palm oils estate where the Indians worked many, many decades ago. It is really something succulent to be had during a cold night but especially for lunch time with a big plate of rice and rasam, which is a sourish tomato- based Indian soup. Others might prefer to have this with bread and later mop up the remnants of the fantastic flavours with their bread. Some, like me will even have it plain which is also a fun experience.

Vindaloo can be very spicy, soury spicy or mild so there’s definitely one type to suit you and you should be able to find them at most posh Indian restaurants. Most of these restaurants will also be air- conditioned so that you’ll be able to enjoy your meal without sweating terribly. There’s a different recipe for this in each household, and also in each restaurant. Recipes in the family are usually passed down from generation to generation, making them a pride in the family.

For a meal, expect to pay about Ringgit Malaysia 30 for a regular- sized portion of Vindaloo, excluding the rice. I don’t know many places that serve this dish but the best I’ve had so far is D’ Tandoor. Their version is mildly flavoured and you won’t be chugging down glass after glass of water.

For a first timer, slowly chew on your vindaloo without any rice or bread to really let that flavour sink in. There are many recipes on the Internet so do let them up and give this one a try. You’ll be amazed, for sure!

/// Written by Denise Michael, Malaysia