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Wedang Tahu (Tofu Drink) Semarang, Indonesia

There are a lot of traditional drinks you can find when you go around the cities of Indonesia. This time I am going to write you about a significant drink of Semarang, the capital city of Central Java, Indonesia. It is called Wedang Tahu or Tofu Drink. From its name you probably think that the drink is made from tofu and wonder what it tastes. Well, actually, it is made from soya milk mixed with salt and jelly powder which will result a tofu flower or tofu silk that becomes the filling of the drink.


One said that this traditional drink originally comes from China. It was brought to Indonesia in the 19th century by an immigrant. It eventually becomes a significant drink of Semarang. What makes this drink more interesting is, that it can warm and fresh our body after we drink it as the juice of this tofu drink is made from ginger.

Encourage knowing how to make this drink? Let me tell you how. First and foremost, prepare the materials for the tofu silk: a liter of soya milk, 125 grams of sugar, jelly powder (melt it with 50 ml of water), ½ tea spoon of salt. Next, the ingredient for the juice: 250 grams of sugar, 100 grams of red sugar, 150 grams ginger, a liter of water, 2 pieces of lime’s leaves, 3cm of cinnamon, 3 pandanus leaves, 3 pieces of cloves, and ½ tea spoons of salt.

When all the ingredients are set, let us start the process of making tofu drink.

1. First step is to make the tofu flower. Boil the soya milk then add the jelly powder, sugar, and salt. When it is boiled, lift it out of the pan and let it cool until it becomes thick.

2. Second step is making the juice. Take the ginger, bruise it a little then boil it together with the juice’s ingredients. Stir it well.

3. Slice thin the tofu flower. Put them on a bowl then pour the juice in it. Wedang tahu (Tofu Drink) is ready to serve.

The best time to enjoy this drink is in the morning, evening or in rainy days. Try it!


/// Written by Tephanie Phe, Indonesia