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Best Things to See and Do in Thessaloniki, Greece – Hiring taxi from Thessaloniki airport for Sightseeing

Thessaloniki, one of the top cities in Greece, is a rewarding place for people who love the crypts, hidden doorways and foods in back alleys and bakeries. This is a wonderful place to spend your next weekend in, and has many destinations and activities that you will love to experience. Find out about some of the top things to do, see and eat.

What are the Top Activities to Participate in Thessaloniki, Greece?

Know about some of Top Activities to Participate in Thessaloniki, Greece.

  1. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki – This majestic museum shows items and artifacts from the pre-historic era to the early period of Christianity. The displays in the museum are categorized into 7 eras, with everything arranged in a chronological way.
  2. Go to the Hagia Sophia – In Thessaloniki, it is one of the most ancient churches of the Byzantine era. It has been witness to all types of political and social unrest. After the great fire in 1917, it was restored. The inside looks better than the outside. There is attractive decoration from wall to wall, which is available as mosaics. The paintings can be traced back to 1000 AD.
  3. Have koulouri – This is a local delicacy that is sold in many street side stalls. These look like pretzel and consist of sesame dough. Every pop comes in about 60 cents. If you want to eat this delicacy, have it in a freshly-baked form. If you love street foods, you cannot miss this one.
  4. Feast at Estrella – Located behind the Agia Sofia, Estrella has mouthwatering treats on offer. Culinary inventionist, Dimitris Koparanis, continuously comes out with unique and eye-pleasing delicacies.
  5. Drop by at the Vlatadon Monastery – This monastery dates back to the 14th century, and is located in Ano Poli. It is one of the most serene attractions in Thessaloniki. In 51 AD, this was a preaching site of St. Paul. There are amazing Byzantine frescoes still to be found here, and you can also get a beautiful panorama of Ano Poli that stretches the entire way to Mount Olympus.
  6. Booze at Loxias – This cafe-bar is a great place for literate people, with bookshelves lining its walls. Intellectual people come here to fill its tables, and have animated conversations over grape brandy (tsipouro) and beer. It would be best for you to sit at a balcony table that gives you a fantastic view of the Roman ruins.
  7. Visit the Navarinou Square – The place is always teeming with students, and it must be remembered that in Greece, the largest number of students is in Thessaloniki. You can find many young people, including people-watchers, buskers and street artists of any age.

Where Can You Stay in Thessaloniki?

Greece is a great place for people who love to travel on a budget. You can stay in the following spots, which can be accessed easily from the local airport with any taxi from Thessaloniki airport service:

  • Colors Ladadika Central – It is a fantastic mid-range accommodation, and you can walk to here from the Aristotelous Square. The rates begin from 69 pounds a night.
  • Studios Arabas Hostel – It is a hotel available at a bargain, and there are polite, courteous staffs in this beautiful accommodation with vines all around. The prices start from 14 pounds per night.
  • Aegeon Hotel – It is cheap and clean, and located in the middle of Thessaloniki. For anyone who needs an accommodation at a bargain, this can be a perfect option to stay in.
  • Hotel Ilios – This is a clean and simple place to stay in, and is a low-cost and nice option.