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Adventure Amidst Raging Waters, The Philippines

Human beings are a curious bunch. We all wonder and never stop wandering.We take on different places, experience different cultures and desire to adapt to new surroundings. There is always that ever growing urge in us to see the world the way we didn’t see it before. After all, travel almost always equates to adventure which is exactly like the water rafting experience in Davao.

Growing in popularity, water rafting has been a recent favorite of local tourists and Davao residents alike.The rush of adrenaline as you paddle against the waves and the feel of the oar in your hands is enough to vivify you. As you gaze upon your fellow rafters as you finish each obstacle with vigor amidst the wild waters, you will be attuned with the feel of the moment when you are one with the experience.Awaken those senses and let the blood rush in your veins as you undertake this water activity in Davao City.

Meanwhile, more often than not, the effects of travel is most felt in the heart. It is most palpable in the silence when we are about to retire and rejuvenate. By then, we feel how much are spirits are revitalized and how a simple change of environment makes us fully alive.


// Wrote by Hannah Fatima Al-Nuaimi, The Philippines