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Oktoberfest in Jakarta, German Style!

October comes, the fun we cherish. At least that what’s my welcoming thought about this spooky month. Besides Halloween, October has another specialty that fishing mouthwatering thought, which is Oktoberfest! For German’s fans it’s not a new news, but something we have to celebrate with joy. Thus, I took a part of the fun here in Jakarta, where I’m born and raise till now. Paulaner Brauhaus, Kempinski – Jakarta, held an extravagant opening event for the Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest that known with endless beer is well welcome by German fellows all over the world. Started early, Paulaner Brauhaus opened the festival from 24 – 28 September 2014. Five days straight with special brew beer and super delicious food. Full of meats. The fun has not stop there, a Bavarian band was special invited to heat up the event. Came with folk and country music, German traditional costume, also a lot of entertaining show.


I’ve intrigued to join the dance floor while they played chicken dance song. Of course the whole restaurant joined the kiddo dance as well. As a party animal, I enjoyed the show very much. I’ve burnt so many calories from the beer on the dance floor. The audience also got a short lesson to do the tap dance in German way. I have no words in mind to describe how crazy fun that was.

As a fan of Dutch, celebrating Oktoberfest ease my unknown anxiety about German. What surprised me the most was when the band with difficult name to pronounce sang a song that very familiar to me. A Dutch song that turned out to be sang in Germans. I sang along with them in that song, of course I sang loudly in Dutch. No one knows. ha ha ha.


However when the food came, my focus was distracted fully to the mouthwatering bacon, ham, and sausages. With three different dips served. What should I ask for more? Never missed, the cheese also tasty. After several years experienced Oktoberfest from place to place here, this time is so memorable. Good folks, great beer, amazing food, lovely music; perfection!


Now October has just entered the second week of the month. So many beer to take gulp of. For sure, no beer is better than Paulaner Brauhaus has. Why? Cause it’s special beer! I mean as a heavy drinker, I’ve tasted many different kind of beers. Even though, Trapisten is still on my top list, specialty beer Paulaner has got me completely swap of my feet. So, you are now also enjoying the celebration? Good for you! Definitely you are allowed to be jealous of mine celebration. Happy October, everybody!


/// Written by Ketty Tressianah, Indonesia. See her blog here.