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Spend you evening in Siem Reap

I am sure you heard many stories about how popular the Old Market Psar Cha in Siem Reap is. It has everything to offer from the raw material for your lunch to a souvenir to bring back to your home. But at the time of six o’clock in the evening, the market is reborn to a new local attire market itself.
There is a famous round-about near the Old Market where you could find some local street foods, the food stalls are all lined up along the Siem Reap River from evening till dawn. There is quite a lot of choice for food. Some of the snacks I tried where:

· Mee Char – instant noodle fried with vegetable and meat,
· Pan Cake in Khmer Style with on top chocolate syrup
· Seasonal sweet fruit shake
· Pickle mango or other sour fruit in a pack
· Khmer style Hot Dog



I saw some of the locals are buying the roasted pork; But I was already full at that time. You can’t miss to walk or pass by the prominent Pub Street area where all travelers or expatriates spend their evening time for dinner or supper, or even having a drink there as well. The energetic atmosphere will welcome you and refresh the soul to fit with the party mood. You can dine or shop from place to place as the area is arranged for everyone their needs.

There are some 24hr supermarkets available around there where you can expect to buy things lika at the normal convenient stores. If dont mind to walk for a few minutes to the Old Market, there is popular place called X-Bar; a place you might want to chill until the sunrise comes up. X-bar is ready to fulfill your thirst whether you are a fan of tequila or vodka.
Can’t go to bed because you are hungry or your stomach is still demanding after a night out in Siem Reap? Don’t worry even at midnight or 2am in the early morning you can just go to the historic Old Market it is a place that never sleeps.