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Life as a nomad in Koh Samui, Thailand

There are different opinions about the lifestyle as a nomad in Thailand. The latest researches show that nomads prefer Koh Samui as their workplace and temporary journey because it’s the best place with all the desired activities, wild and civil life combos and of course, high-quality and fast internet providers that serve both on the beaches and restaurants.

Everything is created to make the life as easy as possible for nomads. The place is great for many freelancers too. While some use their laptops others prefer cell phones. Whatever you choose, you’ll never be disappointed and your wok will never be affected.

According to many tourists who have already been in Samui, this island is one of the most popular places as you can find everything from crazy parties to good food and from breathtaking nature to adventurous activities. The best thing is that you can work and travel at the same time without getting interrupted or disturbed. This island is a modern and fancy one providing you with all the high-end technologies, conveniences and luxurious lifestyle. You can air your rest with your work and spend an enjoyable time whether it’s a month or longer. Compared with other islands Samui is much bigger and you have almost everything you will need. As for the Internet, many tell that it is good and as for the locals, they say they are very friendly and are always willing to help.

Working from a Tropical Island

So, how is it working from a tropical island? It’s obvious that this type of working idea is going to be cooler and more interesting than just sitting at home or at an office. You get the opportunity to combine the work with a rest and that’s all we dream about.

Besides the happiness and satisfaction of your clients, which is important for many of us, we should also focus on our own happiness (not less but more). Thus, the idea of working from a tropical Island is perfect. Choose Koh Samui for your next trip and you’ll love the time spent there. Nowadays, the high-end technologies allow nomads to work from wherever they want. A big wooden table under a huge palm tree, a laptop, a smartphone and a coconut fruit shake? That’s all you dream about? Take the first step and start planning an unforgettable journey to Koh Samui. It has even more to capture you.

Koh Samui apartments for rent

Condos in Samui for rent or the so-called condos are rather expensive and rare. What we call condos are flats for rent with kitchen and all that is necessary for life. A Phuket apartment, or condo, is actually a self-contained housing unit that takes only some part of a building. It can be called an apartment building, particularly if it consists of many apartments for rent.

You will be able to enjoy a comfortable and spacious place if you choose such condos. It gives you the stunning opportunity of living an original experience. You can rent condos on monthly bases. I’ve had a similar experience when I visited Toronto for a short stay, see the latest info. In the same category you can also find cozy guesthouses for a month. Prices are stated per month.

One of the best ways to find an affordable apartment in Samui is talking with the locals. Another way is hiring a real estate agent and finally, refer to travel agencies, which can give you some useful contacts. Try to do some research to learn more about the conveniences and prices of rental condos in Thailand before your visit. You can make bookings on some websites too. The choice is up to you.