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A Happening Place in Seminyak: La Plancha Beach Bar and Restaurant

Surf Board heaven in Seminyak, Bali

Bali has never failed to boost my mood. From the Nature, Beaches, Bars till the Restaurants. A few months ago, some friends have been talking about this trending topic Bar and Restaurant in Seminyak, Bali. It’s Called La Plancha Beach Bar and Restaurant.

By virtue of their recommendation and read some reviews and also because the location is on the edge of the Seminyak Beach, I extremely like it, So I decided to go there.

La Plancha Beach and Restaurant is located on Dhyana Pura Street, Seminyak and La Plancha itself means ‘Surf Board’.

How to Get There

There are several options to get there, just choose it, depending on where you stay at. If you stay around Legian, you can rent a car, bike or take a taxi, it only takes 20 minutes. But, I suggest you find the nearest accommodation if you wanna spend 2 days or more, so you can take a walk.

What makes it La Plancha in Seminyak unique?

Even though the name is quite simple. La Plancha provides an extremely cozy ambiance through the unique interior and exterior. The interior is made of wooden that painted in many colors and you will find some colorful Bean Bags and umbrellas that are set out along the beach. The Bean Bags and Umbrellas is tremendously famous and has created people state of mind as La Plancha’s characteristic.

Best time to visit

La Plancha is open from 7 AM til 1 AM. If you wanna have a sunbathe, 1 PM is the best time to visit, but if enjoy the sunset is your purpose, then you might come at 4 AM.

Foods and Drinks

They have some salads and burgers, various main courses, beers, mocktails, and cocktails. I ordered Tuna Tataki Salad which was delicious and a cocktail. Just like many people said that they have great cocktails, so I thought it’s a must try and their Burger also bring some good reviews.


If you order a food and a drink, it only costs around US$ 13, it’s quite affordable.


There’s a DJ starts at 4 PM til late. He plays some various music, like soul, R&B, Reagge and much more.

There are so many things to do besides enjoy a bottle of beer while sitting back and relax in a unique Bean Bag. The youngsters used to surf and swim, some kids make a sand castle, you might also find the eldest take a walk along the beach and the other fun activities. Every corner is picturesque, so make sure you bring your camera to capture your best moments in La Plancha and around Seminyak Beach.

/// Written by Nindya Putri, Indonesia