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6 Tips for Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting Highlands
Genting Highlands

The Majestic Genting Highlands

I wanted to experience the majestic Genting Highlands after the sheer description about how grand it is was making me curious to reach there as soon as possible.

Genting Highlands is a hill station cum resort in Pahang, Malaysia, it is located around 60 KM from Kuala Lumpur which means an hour driving.

After doing all the formalities, here I was in the clouds (it is literally clouds on the top). It was beyond imagination and it is ineffable.

I will list down the things to see/do whenever you plan your visit:

1.The Theme Parks in Genting Highlands:


Get ready for experiencing exciting and thrilling sky-high rides here. To name a few, Space Shot, Corkscrew, Pirate Ship, Astro Fighter, Cyclone, Flying Coaster, Dinosaur Land, Flying Dragon, Turbo Drop and many more.


Must if you are travelling with Kids, the options are limited but should be fund with family. One should go for all day pass to enjoy different rides here.

2.Chin Swee Cave Temple:

Once you are in Genting, you should never ever forget to visit this temple, this is over and above clouds and there a circular way which teaches us life after death and it is a walk of enlightenment. It is very calm and peaceful as any buddha temple across the world.

3.Cable Car (Skyway):

At first, the ticket cost may look expensive, but let me tell you its worth each penny. This is one of the transports to reach GentingHighland and goes over the jungles so it is thrilling and exciting. Not to miss the awesome view from the top.

4.Ripley’s Believe It or Not! – 1st Floor

This is part of indoor theme park and build on the concept of Ripley’s. You can see this is the main attraction here and few things are really unbelievable. You may encounter many astonishing facts that you are not aware otherwise.

5.Genting Bowl – Level 2B

If you love bowling then this should be the place for you. Go for “glow in the dark” after 6:00 PM. Surprise, Surprise they have lanes for kids without gutters, so the entire family can enjoy at the same time.

6.Casino deGenting:

For some or should I many the main attraction here is 24-hour casino. Things to remember here is that you must be over 21 and there is strict dress code so things like hats, slippers, short pants, sunglasses, sandals and sports attire are not at all permitted. You can’t carry the camera and backpacks inside too. They have locker which you can rent. Want to try your luck with an online casino? You can find out here.

These are main attraction but apart from these there are lots of things to do here and I must mention the variety of food joints and cousins available inside the park are second to none.

It is a must for a family trip.

Additional Information:

Website: http://www.rwgenting.com/
Cable Car: http://www.rwgenting.com/plan-your-trip/travel-planner/transportation/skyway-cable-cars/
Hotel Booking: http://www.rwgenting.com/hotel/resort-hotel/

/// Written by, Kunwar Vikas, Singapore