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Suffering with post-travel blues? This might help

Many travellers will tell you about their post-travel blues. You might think they’re being a little overdramatic, but if your travel plans are coming to an inevitable end or if you’re already back home and wondering what to do with yourself, then chances are that you’re already discovering just how draining post travel depression can be. You feel exhausted, miserable with a loss of appetite and even nostalgic about your time on the road, you might even be thinking about your next trip!

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Here you’ll find some helpful tips and simple advice that will help you manage your time and keep you busy during the most unpopular part of any travelling adventure.

Go through your memories

From souvenirs to photographs, take the time to go through your mementos and find a place for them. You’ve probably taken thousands of beautiful photographs and spammed your social media with them, but for all those photographs still on your memory cards and photo galleries, take the opportunity to make hard copies – click here for photo printing ideas – and bring your memories to life. Studies show that looking at old photographs can boost your happiness and reduce stress, so get printing!

Start planning your next adventure

Most travellers will tell you that the best way to get over your post-holiday blues is to plan your next trip! You might not have the funds to plan a whole trip, but just having something to look forward to can really boost your mood. You don’t even have to go abroad, just travelling and experiencing somewhere new for a weekend is enough!

Keep busy – and think like a traveller

It’s so easy to fall back into a simple routine, which can often leave travellers feeling a little blue, so – keep yourself busy! When you’re travelling you’re always trying something new, whether it’s food or an activity, even meeting new people! So keep that mindset alive by signing up to a cooking class, or something you’ve always wanted to try. Take a dance class, or even learn a new language so when you head off on your travels again, you’re one step ahead!

Catch up with your friends!

You’ve undoubtedly missed your friends while you’ve been away, and they’ll have certainly missed you! So, make the effort to catch up with them and find out what they’ve been up to. Try not to be a travel bore – despite the fact you’re probably desperate to talk about every detail of your adventures – and make sure you take in what your friends have been up to. It’ll take your mind off your own travel-blues for a while.

A little TLC

It’s not always easy to stay healthy when you’re travelling, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, sickness, late nights, jet lag, eating unhealthy foods etc, so take some time to look after yourself now you’re back home. Go for a jog, hit the gym, treat yourself to a massage or just an early night in a comfortable bed.