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Manila’s Best: The Manila Ocean Park, The Philippines

Situated at the capital city of the Philippines, Manila Ocean Park boasts of its breathtaking aquatic adventure and its array of interesting marine animals. Drawing crowds since March 1, 2008, this oceanarium has been the pride of the country since then. Known for being a spectacular choice for family outings, educational group tours and animal lovers, Manila Ocean Park has paved the way for learning more about the ocean, the life it cradles and the beauty of it all.

This large oceanarium houses a lot of sections that will surely tickle one’s interests on what’s behind the marine habitat. The first section would be Agos (Flow) which features tanks with freshwater fishes as its main attraction. Then, there’s the Bahura (The Reef) that showcases artificial corals. Get ready to see big fishes and manta rays in the Laot (Fishing Ground).

It would be amazing to see Buhay na Karagatan (Living Ocean) section which is a 25-meter long walkway tunnel that houses the most awe-inspiring aquatic animals. Speaking of these aquatic animals, one might as well proceed to Kalaliman ( The Deep ) which lets you see Philippine’s deep waters marine animals. Pagi (Sting Ray) and Pating (Shark) are also must-see sections for its hilarious collection of sting rays and sharks.
In addition, apart from seeing these wonderful marine animals, visitors might as well get wet and experience first-hand the life at the ocean through diving or snorkeling at Open Water Marine Habitat!

All in all, it is truly refreshing to visit the Manila Ocean Park. Enjoy and have a blast with friends and family at this wonderful oceanarium!


/// Written by Hannah Fatima Somoza Al-Nuaimi, The Philippines