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4 Ingenious Ways to Find Cheap Accommodation

One of the best ways to spend a grand vacation is traveling abroad. Asia is a vast continent to explore, with its natural beauty, rich cultures, and unparalleled hospitality to foreigners that are very inviting. Before you pack your travel suitcase, it’s a good idea to make plans early and make reservations.

In terms of accommodation, you have a lot of options. Whether you want a budget-friendly stay or a luxurious hotel room, there’s a place right for you. You can always rely on the expertise and assistance of online travel resources, such as Haven on Earth, to help you conveniently find the best accommodation for you.

Asia is known for cheap but comfortable and fun hotels, hostels, and inns. You just have to be smart in finding one. Here are the four ingenious ways to find cheap accommodation in Asia:

1.Know Your Options

When it comes to the various types of accommodation, Asia provides you with diverse and unique choices. Knowing your accommodation options will help you with your budgeting and planning your trip to make the most out of it.

Japan is a beautiful place to visit without breaking your bank. In Japan, you’ll find Japanese-style inns called ryokan inns, which are located along Tokaido Highway that connects the Imperial Palace of Kyoto and Tokyo. If you want to experience the rich culture of Japan, start by making a reservation in a ryokan inn.

Because of more than 123 million tourists visiting Japan every year, you have to book your accommodation in advance, most especially during the peak season in March and April (spring) and October and November (fall).

Check these facts about ryokan accommodation:

  • You can enjoy the unforgettable “onsen” or hot spring baths anytime in ryokan inns.
  • The accommodation rates range from 7,000 to 110,000 JPY (70 USD to 1, 000 USD) per guest exclusive of tax. Ryokan accommodations are charged per person, not per room.
  • The prices of “ryokan inns” vary according to the room size, view, room location, facilities, season, number of guests, and days of the week.

2.Make a Reservation via Email

Most luxury or high-end hotels won’t take a reservation without a full prepayment. You’re lucky that you’re considering Asia because you’ll find a lot of small friendly hotels that are willing to reserve a room for you through an email reservation request. It’s because some establishments don’t have a system yet to charge credit cards, so cash payments are required upon arrival. A phone call is also a good idea to express the serious intention of your plan to stay.

Before you send a room reservation request via email, make sure it contains the following information:

  • Your name
  • Expected day of arrival
  • Number of days you’ll stay
  • Questions about rates, policies, and prices

3.Negotiate the Best Price

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, China, Japan, and other Asian countries, negotiating prices is acceptable. You can expect this practice in budget accommodations like hostels. In rural cities, such as Vietnam, Nepal, and India, you’ll likely save more money when you arrive without making a reservation. By doing so, you can easily negotiate the price and probably get the best deal so you’ll have extra money to try different Asian cuisines and fun adventures.

Here are some considerations when negotiating the price of your accommodation:

  • Current occupancy level – If there are many vacant rooms, you have an opportunity for a good negotiation.
  • Length of stay – The longer you stay, the higher discount you’ll get.
  • Package stays – Start negotiating for one night and then ask package rates for additional nights to check if they’re willing to give you a discount.
  • Ask to speak with the owner. Some owners will be happy to offer you the fairest price possible as a welcoming gesture in keeping with the Asian hospitality spirit.

4.Look for a Fan Room

In Southeast Asian countries like India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, the hottest months are March until May. Surprisingly, these are also the months that make these budget-friendly travel destinations popular among local and foreign tourists. While getting an air-conditioned room will make you very comfortable, getting a “fan room” is an excellent bargain. You’ll spend less and you’ll experience the natural environment of the place.

Here are some of the advantages of a fan room:

  • Fan rooms are much quieter than rooms with air conditioning units.
  • Fans can cool you off faster than ACs because hotels in Asia turn off the electricity when you’re not inside the room.
  • You save around $5 to $10 on your accommodation per night (same room).


Unlike Western countries, Asia is more affordable especially when it comes to accommodations. While many hotels accept credit card payments, many smaller hotels, inns, and lodges prefer cash payments. The magnificent beauty of nature, hospitality, and rich culture and traditions of Asia draw millions of tourists all year round, so make your reservations early.