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Apo Reef: A Hidden Gem in Mindoro

Experiencing the Beauty of Apo Reef

Apo Reef is located at the coast of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. It is a popular dive spot because of its magnificent coral reef system. The view captivates your soul and lets you enjoy the serenity of it. You get to relax in its fine white sand with breathtaking scenery and at the same time be adventurous and amazed at the diverse coral species.

What to Enjoy in Apo Reef?

Coral Reef

This is a must visit for divers since this is Asia’s Largest Reef System. It’s surrounding waters and biodiversity is protected and maintained that is why you get to experience this wonderful creation. You will enjoy the different kinds of corals, fishes and sea creatures.

The Beach

Just bask in the pristine white sand and chill in this awesome place. You can go swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing or just play with the sand while enjoying the heat of the sun and sound of the calming wind.

The Lighthouse

Aside from this, the island also has an iconic and historic lighthouse. You can see the white lighthouse on the right part when approaching Apo Reef from Sablayan. You can climb up the tower and from the view deck you get the chance to see the 360-degree view of the whole Apo Reef. It is indeed a very stunning view of the sea, the mangrove forest and the sky. You can feel the cool breeze of the wind while having a pleasant time seeing the panoramic view of the vicinity. Plus you can watch the sunrise and sunset here.

Mangrove Forest

Another attraction here is the mangrove forest. It surrounds a shallow lagoon and it’s a sanctuary for different marine species in the area. Just relaxed and marvel in this calming place.

Tips for Travelers

This is definitely a one of a kind experience and hidden paradise in the Philippines. Its diversity, richness and majestic spot prove that it is indeed a treasure and world heritage site. A great tip for travelers who want to experience Apo Reef: Just be in touch with the nature since there are no resorts/ hotels and stores there but you can stay overnight here and do camping. Solar electricity is only available at night. Boat fare is has a fixed rate so it will be affordable if you’ll go with friends or relatives or you can join other groups. Bring everything you need with you and also don’t litter, please help maintain the beauty and cleanliness of island.

This is one on the bucket list for diving/ snorkeling, exploring mangroves, fine white sand, magnificent scenery and beach enthusiasts. I’m pretty sure you’ll love this place because I did. I really do and hoping to go back in this paradise soon.