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Ark Avilon Zoo: Fun with Animals in the heart of the City, The Philippines

Nowadays or the so-called Digital Age, when we can access and explore information in internet through tablets, smartphones, laptops etc, we sometimes miss our connection with the other living creature. For kids to truly appreciate the experience of wildlife and not just through watching videos or seeing pictures, Ark Avilon Zoo is built at the heart of the city where transportation and navigation are not a problem. It is located in Frontera Verde Ortigas Avenue Corner C-5, 1604 Pasig which is near the residential, business and commercial area. The building structure is similar to Noah’s Ark –a biblical figure used to save different animals from the great flood.

Buying tickets is easy especially for bulk number of vouchers. It can be pre-ordered by depositing the payment through their bank account or buying them at the registration counters. They accommodate inquiries through email or through their contact number. They are open all week long so people can visit them anytime.
In the front of the zoo, you can already feel the excitement due to the large blocks of wood constructed like a real ark. Upon entering the Ark Avilon Zoo, different types of animals like colorful parrots, adorable guinea pigs and hamsters, white rabbits, dangerous porcupine and big and long iguana will be welcoming you and the kids will surely enjoy interacting with them.

Inside the zoo, other animals are waiting to enjoy your company such as tiger, jaguar, eagle, pigeon, leopard, owl, bearcat and cockatoos. They also have the domesticated and common zoo animals like fish, duck, alligator, peacock, chicken, goat, dogs, rabbit and pigs. The colorful and different types of birds are freely placed in their birds stand separately. They are scattered in the middle area of the zoo so you can view them in different angles. Zoo keepers can assist you to place the birds in your shoulder or arms and take a picture with them.
Other interactive animals are also available to take a picture with you. Colin, the Bornean Orangutan is such a sweet and loving animal and even placing her hand on your shoulder during picture taking. Colin is so accustomed to taking pictures that even the children are not afraid to her. She is always picture ready for all the visitors. Cholo, the Ball Python is also available for picture taking for those who are not-so-afraid with snakes. Of course, with the guide and care of zoo keepers, the welfare of the animals and safety of the visitors are priority. Other activities such as feeding the guinea pigs, goats and rabbits are also available and will surely be enjoyed by toddlers even by the adults.

/// Written by Aileen Buenaflor, The Philippines