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A look into the world of Nasi Biryani

Mention the name Malaysia and the phrase “foodie hotspot” immediately pops into your mind. Malaysia is a place where one can find delicious and mouth- watering food at any time of the day. Whether you like it spicy, savoury or sweet, there is something for everyone in this country. And you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to try out the food! Nasi Biryani is one of those delicacies that is craved by many people not only in Malaysia, but in the world as well.

Biryani Rice is often best served when left to sit for a few hours overnight. This gives time for the ingredients to incorporate well resulting in a stronger flavour and richer aroma.

Nasi Biryani literally means layers of rice cooked in a mixture of spices and alternated with layers of chicken, mutton or egg until the rice becomes fragrant. The rice is cooked covered for many hours resulting in fluffy and well- separated grains and meat that falls of the bones. The modern versions of Biryani nowadays can also be served with cuttlefish, fish, or even prawns, which add delight to every mouthful!

Other than that, Nasi Biryani is also served with “raita “, which helps to cleanse the palate and cool you down after a good meal. “Raita” is basically a yoghurt dip with silvers of cucumber, onion and mustard seeds. It goes very well with Nasi Biryani and a good one can make such a difference in the rice.

A plate of egg biryani usually costs RM7, while Biryani with chicken will set you back RM8 and Mutton Biryani will cost up to RM12! The Biryani with any kind of seafood is usually charged based on the size and amount of seafood you order. The minimum price for this is RM18!

Many places now sell Nasi Biryani because of its overwhelming demand but not all the shops that sell it live up to its expectations. You can choose to have it packed up so you can eat it in the comfort of your own home or devour it at the stall itself. One of the best Biryani’s is served at Restoran Kapitan at Chulia Street in Penang. It tastes incredibly satisfying! You can also get a wonderful version at D’ Tandoor which is located in Tanjong Bungah, Penang. The rice served here is soft and lovely and with every mouthful, you’ll be wanting more.
And there you go. A look into the world of Nasi Biryani. Pair it with an ice cold lemon tea drink and you’re on your way to a perfect meal.

/// Written by Denise Michael, Malaysia