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Baguio, a place for romance and great memories

For me, Baguio is still all about romance and great memories, communing with nature, long strolls under the sunshine or light rain, enjoying quality time with family and friends, and exploring the mountains on a horseback.

The key to planning a relaxing vacation is selecting finding a nice quiet place to stay in, away from the busy city center and crowded neighborhoods.

Baguio; A Real Beauty

As one of the Philippines’ beautiful attractions, Baguio city is very unique through its green setting that puts anything relaxed and calmed. Then and now, the city has always been very popular in and outside the country because of its cool natural beauty. Although the city had experienced lots of earthquakes and landslides, it withstood through the years and remained as the City Garden of the Philippines. There are also many stories, some written in articles, some told by folks, about Baguio, being one of the most haunted places in the country because of the 1990 Luzon earthquake that caused severe damage to the city which also resulted in lots of deaths and destructions. But in spite of those rumors and all, Baguio is still a face of beauty to many people all over the world and one of the most visited places in the Philippines.

The Burnham Park, also known as the mother of all the parks in Baguio, is named after its city planner, Daniel Burnham. It has a very admiring landscape where you can relax and free yourself from any other worries you have. This is a place where you can have a quality time spent with your family because it also offers amusement like there is a man-made lake located in the heart of the city where you can row a boat. It is also a good place to have a picnic, to go biking or to go strolling. There are also skating rink, tennis and basketball courts, and few restaurants around the Burnham Park.

The definition of a real beauty can be found in the Mines View Park. It is no doubt, the most popular and the most visited spot in Baguio city. It gives you a very spectacular panorama of Benguet’s gold and copper mines and the gigantic mountains nearby. It is definitely the place you should not miss when you visit Baguio and absolutely the perfect place for picture takings. There are also souvenirs stalls where you can buy Baguio’s very own products without costing you a fortune.

Consider as one of the picturesque parks in Baguio, the Wright Park is located in the eastern part of the city. Like the Burnham Park, this park also offers amusement for everyone. There are many food stalls scattered around the park and there are horses ready for back rides among children as well as adults. Wright Park is the best at night. It is when you can fully appreciate the tall pines especially when they are surrounded by lights of different colors and striking decorations. The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) is also one of the most popular places in Baguio. It is the ‘premier’ military institution in the Philippines that serves as the training ground for future officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Aside from the Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Wright Park and PMA, there are much more things to be found in the heart of just one city, Baguio; A proof that it is indeed, a real beauty.

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/// Written by Lenie Anne April P. Delotindo