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Balekambang Beach in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

You might think that it is the scenery of Tanah Lot, Bali. But you are completely wrong. It is Balekambang Beach in Malang, East Java. Still in Indonesia.

The scenery of the temple on top of a large rock, as same as Tanah Lot view. However, if you are bored to take vacation surround Bali, East Java can be an alternative. East Java have a lot of interesting beaches similar to Bali but still untouchable. Those beaches are still virgin.

This Beach with beautiful scenery such as Pura Tanah Lot is Balekambang Beach located in Bantur area, approximately 65 km south of Malang, East Java.

Balekambang beach has a beautiful scenery with three large rocks. The rock apparently referred as the island, those called as Anoman Island, Wisanggeni Island, and Ismoyo Island.

Among the three reef islands, the most famous island is Ismoyo island. Where the magnificent temple built. The temple name is ‘Luhur Amertha Jati’. The island is connected by a bridge with a width around 1.5 meters. You can see a beautiful landscape there. You can enjoy the different sight of beautiful scenery. Beautiful sunset in the afternoon is being the favourite sight for the tourist here.


Aside from Ismoyo Island, sunset turns can also be enjoyed from the shore. Beautiful scenery at sunset silhouette of temple become a favorite of photographers shooting.

Balekambang beach as the south coast of Java, definitely have pretty heavy waves. Several tourism will do surfing to conquer the waves of Balekambang beach. The beach view is wonderful. You can find white sand along the beaches and crystal clear sea water beach adds for more appealing. The beach is clean and well maintained.

Balekambang beach is one of favorite tourist spot in Malang. Shore support facilities are available here, such as parking lots, souvenir stalls, restaurants, restrooms, office information, bungalows, swimming pool, scout camp, and pavilion.

In the first month of Javanese calendar, Balekambang coast will be more crowded than usual because the citizen surrounding will be held special ceremony called ‘Suroan’ and ‘Jalanidha Puja’ ceremony.

To reach Balekambang beach, you can go through the district of Gondanglegi to Bantur,or through Kepanjen to Srigonco. You can pass the way using motorcycle or car. Along the way there, you can enjoy beautiful scenery of village and forest.


/// Written by Wahyuning Tyas, Indonesia