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Bohol, a Pearl in The Philippines

There is a place in the world where you can find peace and serenity. A beautiful view of how the world emphasized the magnificent work of its creator—a reflection of tranquility, a creation of perfection. This is Philippines. Composed of seven thousand one hundred seven islands, this archipelago was also known to its distinct culture and heritage.

Bohol is a pearl located in Cebu

Cebe is the queen city of the south, also known as the oldest city of the country Philippines, is highly urbanized and is made known for its sceneries within the province. Almost a million people here are enjoying its vicinity aside from all its tourist spots like the historical Magellan’s Cross in metropolitan area, and the Taoist Temple which have been well known through the years. In northern area, there you can find bliss scenery of Bantayan Beach and all the refreshing waterfalls in the south. While in the eastern part of it where nearby provinces are found, a certain spot was proven for its interesting and relaxing view—there is Bohol—one of my favorite places having been explored, where I can say, a group of special creation are can be found.

What makes Bohol so amazing?

Now let us talk about Bohol—do you want to know what made this place so special for me? It is because of my curiosity of their Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers. Yes. It is my greatest adventure to conquer Bohol while doing some researches about the nature of living of people there and how they able to survive to their daily lives with their motivating livelihood. Bohol is a place for aspiring people. This province has been a venue for the first International Treaty of peace and unity through Sandugo—a blood compact by Datu Sikatuna and by Spaniards headed by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, a governor and an explorer. Just like Cebu and all the other provinces in the country, Bohol has a name to be proud of. Back to its wonderful chocolate hills, these are tourist attraction that can take your breath away. It is called chocolate hills because on summer, it turns chocolately brown. The secret is those hills are made of lime. When summer is over, they begin to turn green. I was grateful wherein one of the hills has a hotel for accommodation and a very pampering swimming pool perfect for overnight relaxation.

Finally, before I went out exploring for other places in the country, I took the chance to meet Bohol’s Mitngaw—it is their Tarsiers, the smallest monkey in the world, knowingly that they are gradually diminishing in numbers because of their lifespan and unique being mammal. Perhaps, it is great thing to know that this place is not only likely a hilly or mountain like province for the Boholanos (people in Bohol) for this has a blast of beach resorts like the Panglao Beach, fun and adventures with zipline and cable car riding, unlimited lunch while cruising in its well known Loboc River to be enjoyed with the guests and visitors too—the tourists, who are very much welcome to come and experience the enthrallment all in all. It only takes a day to gaze all those beautiful places I have been, but my memories for those things remain forever, heartedfully.

Tips and How to get there:

  1. From Manila via plane to Bohol- one hour.
  2. From Cebu City via boat (fast craft) to Tagbilaran, Bohol- one to two hours.
    1. From Tagbilaran, you can hire a cab for a group tour or as advised it is better to book ahead with a travel agency to save time and money.
    2. If you want to go on an adventure by taking your travel with other local commuters,       you can take a jeepney and experience to commute from Tagbilaran to any point of destination you want— may it be in Loboc River and Tarsiers, Carmen Chocolate Hills, Man-made Forest in Bilar or Panglao Beach—it is up to you.
  1. For a three to five days of travel in Bohol, you can prepare Ph 15, 000 pesos/pax good for transportation, accommodation and food and souvenirs as add on.