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Cuisine in Myanmar: Best places to eat in Yangon

Yangon in Myanmar (Burma)

More and more hip cafés and modern restaurants are being built in Yangon, a city in a country that used to be closed to the world due to decades of military rule. After you explore the historic pagodas and temples, you can sink your teeth in the wide variety of local food and delicacies this side of Myanmar has to offer.

If you’re looking for a place where you can hang out and eat good food, check out the following:

Rangoon Tea House

You would not be able to tell right away that this restaurant hip, as it is housed in an old building. Once you make your way inside, however, you’ll be welcomed by a spacious, modern room with a bar, mood lighting, and even some quirky items for sale. The Rangoon Tea House offers traditional Burmese food and other Asian specialties. They also have a nice selection of wines, teas, shakes, and coffees. Must-try is their version of mohinga, a Burmese dish of rice noodle and fish soup (and considered as the country’s national dish).

Address: 77-79, Upper Pansodan Rd, Yangon


Famous with locals and expats alike, Sharky’s is a local restaurant/food grocery that was built by restauranteur Ye Htut Win, who lived in Switzerland for 20 years before returning to Myanmar in 1990s. This place serves local artisan items and both local and international favorites—from breads and cheeses to dry-aged beef to pizzas. It may appear very western, but Sharky’s actually makes sure that their goods and ingredients are sourced locally, supporting local Burmese businesses. Try their dry-aged tenderloin and the delicious macarons.

Address:  81 Upper Pansodan Rd Township, Yangon (near Rangoon Tea House)

999 Shan Noodles

This may not be as big as the other places on this list, but this is a definite must-try. Known for its efficient staff, cleanliness, and affordable Burmese food, 999 Shan Noodles serves delicious noodles that originates from the country’s Shan state. Try their noodle with pork rib and wash it down with their hot tea, which is given to customers for free.

Address:  No. 130 B 34th Street | Kyauktada Township, Yangon

Shan Yoe Yar

If you’re looking for a fancier place to eat Shan food, this one will definitely deliver. Housed in a renovated mansion, Shan Yoe Yar serves traditional Shan food, as well as other Burmese and international favorites. Don’t miss their Mine Tauk curry and pork curry. If you’re dining here with a big group, it’s best to make a reservation as the place tends to get packed.

Address: No. 169, Wa Dan Street, Yangon

Min Lan Seafood

If you’re looking for good seafood, this one’s a must-try. Min Lan Seafood serves fresh and flavorful seafood specialties from the country’s Rakhine state. Don’t miss their crab curry and farmer’s curry, two of the dishes that make people keep coming back. The tiger shrimp and lobster are excellent choices as well.

Address: 70 Wai Za Yan Tar Rd, Kamayut Twp, Yangon