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Dambri Waterfall

Vietnam has many popular places from the beautiful bays like Nha Trang, Ha Long bay to the highlands Sapa, Dalat which you could find them easily in any guide book. What else could you see in Vietnam as a local people? For those who love the natural wonders, I would suggest to visit Dambri waterfall.

Let’s start with the stories about the name of this waterfall. Vietnamese people often tell folktales when their young generation asks why a mountain, a cascade or a place is called with their names. Here, in the Central Highland of Vietnam, KoHo (one of the minorities in Vietnam) people talk about a love story of a Koho couple. They felt in love and usually dated near this waterfall but suddenly, the man disappeared without reason. The young girl was waiting hopeless in tears. She cried, cried a lot until her tears became a very big cascade and she died. Then, Koho people called that waterfall as”Dambri”- it means “waiting’.


It takes 5 hours from Sai Gon to Bao Loc by bus then you can take a motorbike or a taxi to the tourist palce. It will be a bit challenge for those who do not often climb because you need to go over hundreds of stairs to reach the waterfall. You can also go through a bridge made by wood and tree that is very tremble and excited. The best period to visit it is the rainy season when the water level is largest and there are many blossom wild flowers on the cliffs.

After all those challenges, you will see a wonderful waterfall which is inside a wild forest. With 90m high, Dambri become the highest waterfall and it has become one of the famous places in Central Highland of Vietnam. In addition, you could also visit the small village of KoHo people next to the waterfall to watch their traditional dance, drink their special liqueur and see the longhouse. Your trip will be ended perfectly with a local food dinner.

So, put Dambri as a must-to-visit place in your plan!